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    I received a replacement visor via fedex. I have emailed Handspring three times in the last 5 weeks asking for specific instructions on shipping back the old unit. As of 12-2 no instructions had been received. I will not spend an hour on hold anymore either. At what point do I forget about it and say its their loss?
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    Why don't you try calling the 800 number and asking someone. Email is useless unless you are trying to reach one of the head honchos at Handspring directly.

    Another thing you can do is ship it back via UPS (or FedEx or even Priority Mail with a return receipt). Enclose a letter and a copy of any shipping paperwork you may have received. If you are owed any refund, make sure you make that clear (not sure if they charge you for the replacement until they receive the defective item). Be sure to make a copy of the letter you send them.

    You do not want to have to go through a hassle of being charged for a 2nd unit because you didn't send the defective one back.
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    The process as it was explained to me about a month or six weeks ago is that you return the defective unit, in the same box in which the new one was shipped, with the RMA # on it. If it doesn't have an RMA#, you have to bite the bullet and call them for info. They told me the return info would be included in the box, so the normal csr's might not even know. But either way, give it a shot.

    The address I got for the return was:

    Handspring Return Center
    11201 Electron Drive
    Louisville, KY 40229

    However, I had originally intended to do the replacement swap like you did, only they didn't bother to do the "rapid-replacement" and instead made me wait a week, so I just returned the bad Visor and dumped them completely. The above address, though, is prolly where it needs to go.

    In either case, no matter how obvious it sounds, make 100% absolutely sure you use UPS or Fed Ex to verify the shipment was received -- both of them have signature verification as well so you can keep a good record of who signed for the package when. It may seem like overkill, but better to be prepared, specially when dealing with this type of abysmal customer service.

    Good luck.

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