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    the next issue is, now that I received my long awaited VisorDX, but the (needed) serial cradle was backordered. As most of you know, we dont all have new ADB ported computers...if we DID have that much cash to already buy the latest computers...we would have probably gone the extra yard for the Palm5x and avoided this Handspring trauma...

    anyway...anyone got their backordered cradles?
    how did you place order (Web/phone)?
    how long after Visor arrived?
    DId you get dinged for another shipping fee?


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    I too have a serial cradle backordered.. when I last spoke with Customer Service, I was told there was no expected date for them to come in... has anyone heard anything specific?
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    latest blurb on the official HS shipping news pages is

    backordered serial cradles will all be shipped NLT 30 November...
    of course, I have a healthy skepticism for promises and date forecasts made on HS website...but let's see?
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    You all are actually the lucky ones... I've received a cradle and no visor.

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    I recieved my backordered serial cradle today. Recieved FedEX even though I ordered my Visor w/Standard shipping.

    I ordered 10/6 via web.

    Still waiting on custom case.

    There is a charge for "P & H" in the ammount of $.64 For a total on the invoice of $20.64. There is no authorization on my CC. I am not sure what the deal is. When I double checked my CC auth the one for my Visor was in the ammount of $256.86 which would equate to a VDx with standard shipping and no serial cradle. I will post if/when I get dinged for the Serial or the Case.
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    I got my backordered serial cable on 11/22 (ordered 10/14)

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    Last Wednesday (11/24), I received my Blue VDX that I ordered online on 10/07. The package indicated that the Serial Cradle was backordered.

    Today (11/29), I received the serial cradle. It was shipped via FedEx Standard Overnight by Handspring on Saturday, 11/27.

    I'm happy... Everything I ordered is here and it works great!
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    Thanks BrianH, I'm Plagiarizing your post with a couple modifications:

    Last Wednesday (11/24), I received my Blue VDX that I ordered by phone on 10/05. The package indicated that the Serial Cradle was backordered.
    Today (11/29), I received the serial cradle. It was shipped via FedEx Standard Overnight by Handspring on Friday, 11/26.

    Great PDA!

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    got my backordered cradle, order originally via Web 10/06. Cradle arrived via FedEx Overnite, with the same curious $0.64 P&H charge...
    cannot imagine that FedEx charged 64 cents, but CAN somehow imagine that HS is making a neat bit of margin with an added 64 cents per every damn backordered item.

    No sign here of the rumored/mythical free stylus 5 pack.
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    What BlueMaxx said....

    Ordered green VDx and ice cradle on 10/06 via web. Received VDx on 11/23 (?), received cradle on 11/29, both via Fedex priority. Same strange charge, no styli, but I'm not worrying about either. I'm just happy to be finally able to sync to my home PC as well as the one at work.

    Location: north Florida

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    Still awaiting my cradle (I ordered Oct 9 and got the Visor last week). BUT I have a home computer that I can sync to with USB. SO I carry my LOTUS *.or4 back and forth. It would be a lot more convenient syncing to my office where I need the serial cradle, but I have to tell you, the USB concept is a great one, and way easier and faster.
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    Visor Ice Deluxe ordered: 10/20
    how ordered: phone
    received: 11/24
    serial cradle received: 11/29
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    After 7 weeks I finaly got my Visor Deluxe. However, while the Visor appears to be a good product, I also did not receive a serial cradle to download previous information from MS Outlook. At this time I really don't want to add a lot of information into it. I am also having a serious problem with Customer Service. An order for a case was somehow ordered twice through the internet. I called Customer Service three times to have the order removed. Each time I was informed that it would be taken care of. I had to constantly call back because when I looked at my order status it was not removed. When I finally got my order, not only did I get two cases, but THREE cases! Now I have to go through the hassle of mailing the products back and receiving credit. If their Customer Service does not improve, the company is doomed, no matter how good the product itself is.
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    Handspring missed their November 24th deadline of November 30th. From their December 1st update:

    Missing Serial Cradles: Some recent Visor serial bundles were shipped without serial cradles. We have begun shipping these backlog orders and will have completed shipments by Monday, December 6th.

    I like my Visor, but I'd like it more if I could have it talk to my NT workstation and Outlook.
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    Thanks for the info. I got my 2 Visors, (one green and one black), last week without the serial cradles. I had a friend sync my data from my PalmPro to the Visor and I have been using it since then. I like it, but so far I have yet to push it to any limits.

    I'm keeping the Pro alive until I get the cradles.


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