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    Here is an e-mail I sent off today to Donna. She quickly responded and promised to turn my story over to the CA folks. Who knows if this will help.


    I have an update that might shed some more light for you on how frustrating it is to deal with your company.

    Wednesday (November 24th): Received a call back from a "Steven" in the call center (this is the only call I have ever had returned to Handspring in all of my communications, by the way). Steve left me a voice mail stating that my "information is correct; that my order has been set up, it just has not been shipped yet." Keep in mind that this is in direct contrast to two earlier promises made by other CSR's in your call center- I can only assume that these earlier promises were made lightly. Steven also reported that there were "a few thousand" orders with shipping problems similar to mine. He then made yet another Handspring promise to me that my order would ship that day (Wednesday) overnight. I still don't have my order.

    Friday (November 26th): Called to see if my order arrived at my office, which was open. No order ever came.

    Sunday (November 28th): Logged into Handspring's order status page with my order number: no new information on my order- just the same "4-6 weeks" promise. Logged into FedEx- my tracking number still yields a "Scan not defined" status.

    Monday (November 29th): Spoke with a supervisor named Jillian Shapiro (nobody could tell me if Steven or Aleem or Fiona were in or available). The call center still reports that my Visor shipped out on the 19th; however, my serial cradle has now been shipped, and should reach me today. I had to explain the whole thing all over again to Jillian, who seemed comfortable with the fact that Handspring was still within a "8 week window" from when my order was placed, on the 6th of October. However, she did apologize, and promised to look into the matter with her boss and get back to me today. That's where I'm at right now.

    I think that this log speaks for itself. I still would appreciate some feedback, or you just directing someone to physically go get a Visor out of shipping, put it in a box, and FedEx it to me. I'm sorry, but in light of your call center's track record on keeping their promises, I have absolutely no confidence in anyone figuring this seemingly simple problem out anytime soon.


    Sent: Wednesday, November 24, 1999 3:21 PM
    To: 'Donna Dubinsky'
    Subject: shipping problem


    Here is the text of a letter I just sent you via snailmail. I am at a complete loss for words as to how to proceed. What does it take to actually get one of your products in my hands?



    November 24, 1999

    Donna Dubinsky
    Handspring, Inc.
    189 Bernardo Avenue
    Mountain View, CA 94043

    Dear Ms. Dubinsky:

    I am writing to you because I have been unsuccessful in trying to resolve my problem with your Customer Care department. I would very much appreciate your assistance.

    I ordered a Visor Deluxe (details attached) via your web site on October 6th. I have yet to receive my Visor, and have reached an impasse with your CC department as to the whereabouts of my package (FedEx shipping # 933xx). To date I have spoken with seven different service representatives including one supervisor (Fiona) over the past four days, and I have received seven different excuses/explanations.

    Federal Express reports that my airbill number is valid; however, it has not been scanned into their tracking system because the airbill has not been attached to a package yet. Your CC department now claims that my package has indeed been shipped, and that it is FedEx’s problem. Meanwhile, my credit card was hit on Friday, November 19th, and I still do not have a Visor.

    Please advise me as to how Handspring plans to get a Visor into my hands immediately. I can be reached at xx.


    FYI- E-mail (one of many that has gone unanswered) sent on November 24th.

    Handspring,I ordered my Visor via the Web on 10/6. After many phone calls and (unanswered) e-mails to Customer Care, I still have no Visor. Here's a rundown on what has happened so far:-

    October 31: Spoke with a CSR who said my order was "being processed" and that I would definitely get my order within 1-2 weeks. Never came.-

    November 16: Spoke with a CSR who expressed great surprise that I had not received my order yet. Assured me that I would get it within 3-5 days. Never came.-

    November 19th: Web site reports that Web orders placed Oct. 4-6 are being shipped. Spoke with a CSR to confirm. CSR could not give a FedEx tracking number, but assured me it was being shipped and that I would have it within a day or two.

    November 20th: Called my credit card company- my CC was hit on November 19th. No Visor. Called CSR and got FedEx tracking # 933xx. Fedex tracking site reports a valid Airbill number, but gives a "Scan not defined" explanation. I call Fedex, who informs me that this means that the order was entered at Handspring, but nobody from Handspring has instructed Fedex to pick up this item.

    November 22nd: Called Customer Care, spoke with “Ann” and "Fiona", a supervisor, who couldn't explain why I didn't have my order, but promised she would track it down and call me back. She also promised that she would personally see to it that my Visor is shipped today. Never called back.

    November 23: No Visor yet. Spoke with a CSR who told me that my order shipped on Friday. Gave me the same "Scan not defined" Fedex tracking number. I had to give her the same story all over again. She said there was nothing she could do, and refused to let me speak with a supervisor, saying they were all very busy. Called back at 5:00 p.m. and spoke with "Aleem" who didn't have any record of me calling to report any problems before now (nobody has ever had a record of me calling), and told me that my Visor had shipped on Friday because I obviously had a Fedex tracking number. Had to explain everything all over again. Aleem checked with a supervisor, and told me that the tracking number was now (magically) "invalid" and that my Visor had, in fact, been shipped today (November 23rd) overnight. Aleem could not give me a tracking number, but said "Mr. Brien, I promise you that you will receive your Visor tomorrow."

    November 24: No Visor. Called and spoke with "Evy" who had no record of anything except the original "Scan not defined" tracking number. Said, "I don't know what else I can tell you."Would someone please have a physical, two-way conversation with someone in Shipping, and explain to them that, despite what their system reports, my Visor has not been shipped yet? Everyone who placed their web order on Oct. 4-6 now has their Visor, and I still do not, with no expectation that it will arrive any time soon. I have no idea what else to try, but I am really starting to get steamed.

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    You're not alone.
    I ordered on the web, 10/06, and got my serial cradle today, but no visor.

    I have an invalid FedEx number and an invoice (via my serial cradle) that says the Visor shipped on the 19th. Called Handspring (both 888 and 716 numbers) and was told that it hadn't actually shipped. One said it'd ship today, the other said it'd ship "Sometime this week".

    Frankly, I'm annoyed. They cleared had all my info, otherwise the serial cradle wouldn't have reached me, would it?

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    Who knows? I can't figure these people out.

    It sounds (from the other threads) like there were some specific problems with Oct. 6 web orders. Notice when the CSR told me that this had happened to a few thousand people.

    These folks have a long, long way to go.
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    Not just the web orders... I placed an order by phone on Oct 3. They not only had my information wrong, but I had to call twice to get them to fix it... still don't know if it's fixed... nobody seems to keep records of any calls.

    Seems like their CSRs are powerless too.


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    Just a word of encouragement for all you Oct 6th web orders who have yet to see their visor. If you already called and confirmed your info, just hang in there. I know people who ordered in November are getting theirs, but that's just how it goes. Beggars can't be choosers as the saying goes. We just have to be patient. Calling them anymore probably won't speed things up. Their shipping department is completely separate and relatively isolated from customers. Keep your fingers crossed!
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    i didn't have a visor then either.

    on the 24th the same rep said that it was a possibility, but unlikely to have the order shipped overnight because of the courier deadline, and that it would ship at the earliest on friday because of the holiday. he said something to the effect of "the only promise he'd make was that he wouldn't make me any more promises".

    he seemed like a "could, should, would" kind of guy anyway.

    good news.. ...i played with the new visor just the other day. are you playing with anything?
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    This is an e-mail I sent to Donna yesterday.


    I called the CC and I spoke with a "Vanko" today (Jillian Shapiro never bothered to return my call as promised). Vanko reported to me that my order has in fact NOT been shipped, and he cannot give me an honest estimate as to when, if at all, it will be shipped. It seems some of the orders placed over the Web in early October have been "Lost" and that my order happens to be one of them.

    So after dozens of phone calls, numerous false promises from CSR's and Supervisors, I finally get an honest answer.

    I am placing another order online today. I'll bet you $1.00 that this new order arrives on my doorstep before my original one. In the meantime, I would appreciate Handspring crediting my Visa card for everything billed to date until something actually is shipped to me. Words cannot express my dissatisfaction with your company's customer service and billing functions. With all due respect, you indeed have a lot of work to do.


    Neil Brien

    -----Original Message-----
    From: Donna Dubinsky []
    Sent: Monday, November 29, 1999 11:21 AM
    To: ''
    Cc: Executive Relations
    Subject: RE: update on shipping problem

    Neil ... I've copied customer relations here in California (not at the call
    center) in order to try to figure out what has happened with your order. I
    apologize for all the frustration ... it's certainly not the way we want to
    do business here, and we've got a lot of work to do to get our systems fixed
    up. Hopefully we can get this solved quickly since it appears to have

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    If you haven't already, I would suggest you edit your message so that your e-mail address isn't showing. Some 'bot' will sneak into this place, snatch your addy, and then you'll get lots of lovely spam in your mailbox.

    It's a real tough break that you don't have your product. It's my understanding that there're orders (of people I know) placed prior to (well ahead of) yours that haven't been received.

    I'd light one up.. .. sit back.. have some tea, and chill out if I were you. Why go through such aggravation, over something as new and as easily temporarily substituted as PDA technology? You're not alone, chum.

    At the same time, I'm not clear on why you or any others here choose to publish the names of staff at handspring. I'd hate to think that your "tattle-tailing", could result in the retort "gimme gimme never get..." .. just a joke, Neil. (a scary one at that) heh heh.
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    If you haven't already, I would suggest you edit your message so that your e-mail address isn't showing. Some 'bot' will ...

    Whoops.. sent this twice, but
    I don't have access to delete my own duplicated message?!

    Oh well.. I'll just edit it.. and yes.. I am killing time, but I deserve it.

    Here's a funny little quote to pass the time
    ENJOY! :

    You'll need realplayer (4 at least, I think.)

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    Er...not only that, but you've left another address showing that Donna may not want hanging out may want to rub that out, too..lest we get our friends at VC in trouble.

    On a related note...I don't really think we should be posting private replies from anyone (Donna, Susan, etc.) on the site without their go-ahead. Just seems a little unethical. I sure as hell wouldn't want anyone publicly posting something I sent to them privately...

    Just my $0.02.


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