I used to work in customer support for a large software company and I know what it is like to be overwhelmed with calls from irritated customers having problems with their product. But I still answered the phone.

I used to check the Order Status page on the HS site periodically to see if, by some miracle the status changed to "Shipped". HS did away with that and offered the chance to send an information request. All I wanted to know was that my shipping and CC information is correct. All I needed was a short reply. I sent three messages and got no response. I called CS twice, was cut off once and couldn't wait any longer the second time.

Now HS doesn't even give me the option of sending a request for information. It seems that they have consistently added new levels of insulation between themselves and the customer so we get less information. They update the shipping information periodically but that information seems more aimed at relegating us to just sitting patiently doing what would-be Visor users do best: WAITING. Only the most frustrated and persistent will spend a fortune waiting on hold to talk to a person.