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    Well I called HS today to check on my soon-to-expire 10/29 order. The order that was confirmed by a previous call (around mid Nov.) is now lost. I'm told that late Oct orders now officially take up to 8 weeks instead of 4-6; and that I will recieve 5-pack stylus free and not pay for the shipment (or not pay for the priority shipment, not sure which). I don't know how general this is since I see that some Oct people have received their visors. I hope I'm one of the *few* sorry souls.

    Anyhow I cancelled my order (enough is enough you know!) and ordered a IIIx from VA for $150 (using my now-infamous value dollars). I hope they will send my graphite VDX to someone who is still waiting for the product and not to me (or someone who already has enough of Visors ). I already saved ~$100 towards my future Sony Vaio Palm (and PS2 ).

    I'm glad that the nighmare is over.


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    I haven't been waiting as long as you (I ordered Nov 10th) but the wait has given me plenty of time to think and to play with other PDAs. I am leaning toward cancelling my BVD order and getting a IIIx, too. You mention in your post that you ordered the IIIx from "VD" and used value dollars. What is VD and do they still do the value dollars?
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    Oops. That should have been "VA".
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    VA is A month ago someone posted here a deal from VA. If you'd sign up as a new member and use visa, you would get $120 VA dollars (insane isn't it). To my knowledge VA does not offer this anymore and the thread about this offer is moved to either "off-topic" or "palmos compatibles".
    As for a bit more elaborate deal, you can test drive an Oldsmobile Intrigue and get $50 gift-certificate for This brings down IIIx price tag to ~$168 (before shipping and tax).

    hope this helps.

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    If you ordered November 10th, you may not be in the shipping nightmare group (I ordered November 11th).

    I placed my order after looking at other PDAs and reading up on them. In addition, I placed my order after reading other people's comments who actually received a Visor.

    My thought is if you can wait a bit then hold out for the Visor.

    This will be my first PDA. I've setup others for individuals at my workplace so I've played around with them a little.

    I have waited quite a long time before deciding on getting one for myself, and I'll be happy to wait for a Visor.

    My only concern is the fact my credit card expires end of December so if I don't get it before then I have visions of CS Hell!

    My only glimmer of hope is that Donna D. will be true to her word and make sure my order is changed properly to avoid some of the headaches others have had to go through.
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    In some cases, eight weeks is an understatement.

    I'm one of those poor benighted souls who (like a fool) was modern and ordered online on 10/6.
    So far I have received nothing. We are into week 9 now.

    Nothing, that is, except mounting frustration. Earlier in the month I was frustrated at reports of others who ordered their Visors by phone around 10/6 and have already received them.
    Now I'm frustrated at others who ordered theirs online in mid November and have already received them.

    About the only thing that keeps me from cracking is the constant stream of glowing reviews from people who have gotten theirs.

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