I am NOT going to cancel my order, but I was looking into blocking a charge to my credit card from another company.

My credit card company (in Canada) states that I CANNOT selectively block a company from charging my credit card. (I could cancel the card or something drastic like that.)

However, if you forsee a potential dispute then make sure you should have copies of all written letters to the company. I guess for those of you who have cancelled your orders but are worried about still getting billed, perhaps you should email Handspring, and keep a dated a copy of that email. I'm sure email is nowhere near as good as a real letter, but I suppose it's better than nothing. I suppose a log might be better than nothing too. If all documentation is in order and your dispute is valid, then your credit card company should take it upon themselves to discuss the matter with the problem company.

I fully expect Handspring to try to refund all improper charges. However, having all the information for the credit card company to see up front might really speed things up.

Eug (still patiently waiting for his Visor)

P.S. Hardcopies would be much better, but I wouldn't know where to send it.

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