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    Oh I'm frustrated!

    I ordered one green visor deluxe on October 6th via the web site, number 10xx. My cc was pinged on 11/19 so I called handspring on 11/23 and got my tracking number from a very helpful rep named Nicole who said I should have received it 11/22.

    Next: Called Fed Ex with my tracking number and they told me the order was sent back to Handspring because they didn't put my company name on the shipping label! I provided the company name in my shipping information . . .

    So I called Nicole back and asked her to make sure they include all my shipping address information and correct my zip code (I had emailed and called asking them to do this twice in the past to no avail).

    Overall my experience with Nicole was good. She had access to my order status and the shipping database and she was courteous. It was a nice change from my three previous experiences with cs.

    I was told I will get my visor in another week to a week and a half. I was so close . . . . . It's too late to cancel now.

    I'll let you know when I get it!
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    I understand your frustration.

    I am having mine shipped to my house, as I telecommute. It was supposedly shipped on Nov 22nd, presumably by FedEx Next Day. I was billed for it on the 22nd, and have the posted transaction on my card.

    however, it is now Friday and I still have nothing to show for the time spent on waiting for this. It is absolutely frustrating.

    To add even more frustration... They have no record of a shipping or tracking number. They show it is shipped, however can't tell me which carrier is delivering it.

    I am in complete limbo.

    Makes me wonder if it made it to the shipping company but has yet to be actually shipped. It could be packaged and waiting to be shipped, for all I know.
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    alright - now I'm angry.

    Even after I called Nicole specifically last week and had her change my shipping address *again* they made the same mistake *again* and ommitted my company name from the fedex. I was so excited thinking I would get it today and as I watch the tracking on the fedex website I see that *again* it will not be shipped for a bad address.

    I called FEDEX and they corrected the address for me. Fedex is proven reliable so barring some other disaster I hopefully should get it tommorrow.

    I also called cs rep at handspring to alert them to the 5th time there's been an error with my order and the gentleman basically said "what do you want me to do?" Correct your shipping processes!! Grrr!
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    I though everything was taken care of and the are no more errors being made! They say all the processes are now in place to ensure a high degree of customer service. You must have been dealing with someone else, not Handspring.

    Oh yeah, I only have yourself to blame for calling them so often to continually correct their mistakes. From what I've heard from others this is the source of all Handsprings problems. If no one would call they would be able to have the time to consult psychics to correct the orders. Give them a break so they can concentrate!

    If you get your Visor, consider yourself lucky. If you don't, consider the $750 that will be charged to your CC as a donation to a struggling start-up who can use the cash for Christmas bonuses for the needy execs (since the investors will be bailing out)

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