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    As of 10:30 AM(EST) Handspring's site is down with the following message:

    Server Application Error
    The server has reached the maximum recovery limit for the application during the processing of your request. Please contact the server administrator for assistance.

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    That's interesting. At 11:18am it is working fine.

    In addition, I accessed it around 9:00 and it was working fine.

    I've had no trouble accessing the site today and have not received any such error message or lag in the page loading.
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    I saw the same error message. I just kept trying and sometimes it would work.


    Joe V. - Simi Valley, CA
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    Instead of upgrading their server capacity to prevent crashes, it looks like Handspring has a limit on the number of people they allow to simultaneously access the site.

    The web server capacity calculating geniuses at did the same thing and are losing Christmas sales. What's scary is that Handspring still can't figure it out after months of problems!

    The philosophy seems to correlate nicely with their earlier pattern of randomly cutting people off after two hours on long-distance hold so they could claim they never had 6-8 hour hold times! Success is how you spin the facts.

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