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    I got my Graphite Visor deluxe yesterday, on the 29th of novemeber! I ordered it on novemeber 11th! I had ordered regular shipment, and it came by fedex standard overnight. It was shipped out on the 26th. I think this is a new record or something. Could someone confirm that for me?
    The visor's great! now if only i could get that darn Serial cradle
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    Sorry, this person has you beat:

    Ordered: Nov 16
    Received: Nov 29
    Location: Seattle, WA
    Shipping via UPS (express)
    Order by phone (canadian 800 number)
    Regular Visor

    (From )

    This is encouraging!
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    <tone=Cartman>I hate you guys. I hate you so very, very much...</tone> Heh.

    I ordered on October 7 and still haven't gotten my GVD. *sigh*

    Ordered a BVD online 10/07
    Still waiting ... tick tock, tick tock
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    Jeeze, I ordered on November 11th and I'm still waiting!

    Sounds like they still have no clue as to how to prioritize their orders!
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    Hey I ordered on the 16 and I didn't get one. I want mine. WAAAAAAAHHH.
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    That is great news!

    I have been monitoring my CC activity daily for any signs of encouragement. Did you happen to notice the time difference between billing of your CC and the shipment? (Was the CC billed one day and you received it the next?)

    I have read nightmare posts about missing CC and shipping information that delayed orders. One person said their order was shipped twice but refused by FedEx because it was missing a company name. I wonder if there have been problems with data corruption on the web order db and if there are some of our orders that are sitting in limbo that CS doesn't have the courtesy to call and verify.
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    I just called my CC 800 number and there was an authorization for how much i paid for the visor. This must have posted today b/c i checked yesterday and it wasnt there.
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    where did you have your visor delivered?

    (eagerly awaiting 11/9 weborder)
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    My first Visor was ordered Oct 18th and I got it Nov 16th. The one I ordered for my wife was ordered on Nov 4th and I got it yesterday (Nov 29th) I think they're getting caught up!
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    To new york, at a home adress.
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    A coworker ordered a BVD and an IVD at the end of October, and the BVD was received last week, but the IVD is backordered, so Handspring's not totally caught up. I'm still waiting for my serial cradle that was backordered.

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