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    I was wondering who is the best person to contact directly at Handspring HQ for help. I know that people have gotten responses from e-mails sent to Donna and I've written to Sany Torres and received a reply -- but who actually does more than respond to e-mails?

    Has anyone here written to a HS employee and recieved a Visor as a result?

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    Go outside and start banging your head against the building...maybe they'll hear it. My feeling is, they've gotten enough units into the market that positive feedback on the unit itself is now starting to carry them. New orders are being processed more orderly now and all the rest of us in Handspring limbo are just so much trash to them. Amen. End of story.
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    I was handed off to an actual human being, who handled making sure my shipment got out. (Now I just have to hope that it doesn't show up before I get home today.

    The reason things are taking so long on those leftover early orders, is because they've got to actually get in touch with us. It took about a week of "phone tag" to actually speak to the rep who was handed my claim, (and then the shipping people held on to it for a week to get the serial cradle in).

    They really are working on it.
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    Thanks for the info Dr we'll see if it works
    anything is worth a try at this point.

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