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    I checked my shipping status the other day and noticed the my order total was just my shipping total ($11.50). I read someone's post where they said that the same thing happened to their order and on that day their CC was billed and their Visor shipped.

    Has this happened to anyone else? Is it a good sign?

    BTW, I have noticed that Handspring has changed their order status page. I sent an e-mail a week ago to verify my order and have received no reply (imagine that!)
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    I noticed the same thing on my order confirmation(when you could check it)some time last week 11/22. My cc was billed 11/27 for full amount so I hope it comes soon

    Truth is I think the ship amount on bottom line is a new data error, not any kind of mechanism to indicate results + or -
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    When did you order yours?
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    I ordered on 11/1 via web
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    I ordered mine 11/10. Perhaps there is hope. Thanks.
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    I ordered my Visor on 11/11 and last time I was able to verify my order via the web I also had a total change to just the shipping.

    My cc was not charged though. So it appears that this was a glitch in their system.

    The section to just verify your order is now gone from the website and there is a note under the Shipping News stating that if you placed an online order after a specific date (I think 10/20) then you do not need to check status of your order as they're still planning on the 4-6 week shipping timeframe.
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    Since I have not seen hide nor hair of the Visor I ordered on October 6th, and I've been seeing such fast orders for those who have placed them around mid november, I have been toying with the idea of placing a new order now and cancelling my old one.

    I'd probably get the new one sooner than if I waited for the old one.

    Trouble is, if recent events are any indication, I'd wind up with two of them.

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