This summarizes my dealings with Handspring to date:

Oct 3: Ordered a Visor Deluxe by phone.

Nov 13: Called in with a billing address change.... yes, I moved.

Nov 28: (7am) Called to inquire about my order. Was told that their order system was down and to try back. (11am) Still down. Gave up for the day.

Nov 29: Called to inquire about my order, was told that my first and last name had been transposed on the original order. Handspring was unable to tell me why I wasn't notified of this. Found out that they had no record of my address change at all. Asked if the handspring customer service folks know how to listen properly. Was told that my order would be expedited, though I wonder if I'll have to call in a new credit card number... mine expires in September 2001. Asked if they could notifiy me with any problems.... they don't do that. Asked again.... they still don't do that.

The woman who helped me - Ann - was very helpful - as much as she could be anyway.


1. Two out of three Handspring customer service employees can't transcribe a simple address over the phone.

2. Handspring does not seem to feel the need to proactively notify customers about order problems.

3. If you're waiting for an order, call frequently.... maybe you'll get one of the few people there who do know how to enter an order properly.

4. If you call at 7 am on a Sunday, there's no wait... but that's when they seem to do system maintenance.

5. I would have been better off cancelling my original order and resubmitting it. I have colleagues who ordered 3.5 weeks after me and already have their's.