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    I am currentlly working on an article about Handspring and 3rd party cases, please feel free to contact me about any experiences youve had. Im interested if you bought a handspring case, why, and how you like it, and the same for a 3rd party case. Thanks,
    Mike Lee
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    I ordered a custom case from Handspring and I must say i have had no bad experience with it at all. So far I have no complaints about the quality or functionality.

    Of course I don't have it yet either. It is currently listed as backordered and the only update on HS website is "We ain't shippin' 'em yet." (OK mabey that's not a DIRECT quote.)
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    Well I cancelled my order for the Visor, but I did get a case for my Palm IIIx. It's a Fossil case, all leather, and it fits tight. My coworker did receive his Visor and it fits snug as well. Not a bad deal for $28.00 and free shipping.
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    placed order for the $29 handspring case, placed order prior to receipt of the actual visor and its supplied hardcover and leather slipcase.
    during the week before I got the leather case, was pretty happy w the "free" slipcase. SLender enough to put into pants pocket for work.

    Leather case ....nice workmanship, and I like the hard plastic "cover" that is built in and the visor snaps in/out of..nice touch. I Dont like the fact that it doesnt have a slot for second styli, and am still undecided about the velcro strap (seems so loud at a meeting)

    all together..advice/opinion here is to not rush into buying added case...see if the provided one(s) meet your needs first. Good news, longer u wait, more selections and info available about which palm cases will also fit visors.
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    I am taking a two step approach to cases. The Springboard factor has to be taken into account. I wanted something as small as possible in black leather that I could clip to my belt and the E&B Visor Slipper with clip looks like just the ticket. This will work for 90% of the time at work when I will just need to carry the Visor around. I have ordered one but have not received it yet. But what about those springboards. I also bought a Rhino pak 2000 which the Visor (in its slipper case) extra batteries, extra styli, and springboards will fit easily. I bought it as a "Second" on their website for $25 but I can't find anything wrong at all. It is still a fairly small, very nice and well made case. It will be great for keeping all of my visor accessories together.
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    My wife and I found some cases made by Sumdex ( )

    They're leather cases with a zipper closing. They are bigger than your average case. I could probably fit two Visors in a case if I had to, but they also have pockets for business cards, credit cards, floppy disks, kitchen sink and the pocket on the opposite side of the case could probably hold three or four Springboards, depending on the size.

    The cases we have we bought from ebay for $11 each, but they can also be found here directly:

    Sumdex also makes cases for laptops and other stuff. Worth checking out.

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    What about the Case Logic Pocket PDA Case (PLT1)? Did anyone use it before? There is a huge price drop in case logic's web page (from $14.95 to $4.95):

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    I ordered one of the Case Logic ones for the aforementioned $4.95

    Also, sells the Sumdex case (nice) for $9.95

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