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    I came across something interesting and unexpected. While sufing the GADGET GURU site I came across his 1999 Holiday Shopping Guide. In there he has a real player video link showing the VISOR DELUXE. In the video he says the Visor is, "...just starting to show up in stores..." HUH??!! What stores?? Where??

    Here's the link if you want to check it out for yourself:

    Scroll down to the Visor link from there. Any thoughts?

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    I would take the risk of assuming that in this instance the gadget guru doesn't know what he's talking about. People in the know would have flooded this website and others to let us all know where to flock to get one. Besides, there probably would have been an official announcement from Handspring. (Yes, I know they're dazed and confused right now, but I doubt that they're so disoriented that they would fail to announce retail distribution. At least, there at would have been a press release.)
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    That's pretty much what I thought. I just returned from CompUSA (for other reasons) and certainly didn't see any Visors in the PDA area.

    I also e-mailed the Gadget Guru people to ask what was going on.

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    That video was done basically on Sept 14 when all the Visor info was released and the phone number went live. That person must have mistaken HS taking orders for being on store shelves.

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    Thanks for the info...I got my hopes up for nothing.

    That's what I figured so I put in my order for my Deluxe today...the wait it on!


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