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    I've read and am reading a lot on the board about orders from Sept/Oct. It sounds like it was a real nightmare! I've also read about HS getting it together in this dept. Are orders from late Oct/early Nov on getting handled without any problems or are folks still getting the run around?

    Let's just take it as given that from 9/1 - 10/15 things were REALLY screwed up! The question is whether they've gotten straighten out since.

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    It would appear that Web orders from late October are shipping now, but serial cradles and springboard modules are backordered. Supposedly all backordered serial cradles will ship today. There are still some September orders not yet shipped, and the early October web orders took 7-8 weeks to ship.
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    I just received my ice serial cradle that I ordered on 9/14. More interesting and even better news is that included as a shipping lable is a summary of what I've ordered, what has shipped, and what is still on backorder (a backup module). Correctly noted is that they shipped (and I received the next day) my Visor on 11/16!

    They seem to be making remarkable progress in getting things fixed.

    Now if they'd reopen the website order status page I could check on my other order!
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    I ordered a graphite vdx on Nov 1 and just verified cc was billed on Nov 27. I hope to get delivery today or tommorrow!

    I feel very sorry for some sept 14 and oct 6 orders, it appears they have fell thru the cracks.

    However,from threads I have been tracking, it seems the worst is over!
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    Got the black deluxe in 3 weeks.
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    Been waiting since Spetember 16th and have only received broken promises. It seems anyone who ordered mid October through November have had a better experience with their orders so I could believe if you were to order your Visor today you will probably receive it before me.

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    I ordered mine last night. I'll let you know when I get it. :-)
    I'm just hoping that I get it before Y2K...otherwise, I might not get it at all. Or, perhaps they'll ship me five ;-)

    An interesting note: I live in Canada, which they no longer ship to. So, I'm shipping it to a friend in the States, and having that friend forward it to me. A bit of a hassle, but I'm willing to do it.
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    Ordered October 7 online. Still no Visor. Arg.

    Ordered a BVD online 10/07
    Still waiting ... tick tock, tick tock
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    Ordered VDX on Oct 7th. Called twice confirmed shipping address and billing. Sent two emails (no response)... Still waiting also...
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    I too ordered 10/06 on the web, and have seen neither hide nor hair of my green VDX.

    I'm almost tempted to make another order online and cancel my old one.

    Of course that would mean I'd get two of them, and get charged for three.
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    I ordered my BVD on 11/11 and gave a cc that would expire the end of December. Because there was a chance that orders would not ship in the 4-6 weeks as noted, I emailed Handspring (Customer Care first then Donna D). I got a reply from Dubinsky stating that they're confident that the 4-6 week timeframe will still be met. However, if I don't have the unit by 12/11 then I'm to email her again so she can have someone carefully go through the cc change information so my order isn't messed up.

    As of last week, no charge to my cc, but I didn't expect it. Although I'm a bit optimistic as br1ans ordered on 11/1 and was charged/billed on 11/27!

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