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    In view of all the negative stuff that has come out, I really feel compelled to post this.
    I thought- was positive - I had a defective unit. I called Tech support to describe it but since I wasn't at my home computer, I couldn't go thru the whole walk thru with them. I told them I had tried all the things he was suggesting (I had) and was sure the unit was defective. He ran thru the options for me: 1-repair;2-expedited shipment of new one;3 pay $29 to get a new one overnight and ship my old one back within 14 days. Then he sent me over to Orders. The rep there told me the overnight option was probably not going to work because of all the backorders, but I'd still get a new one in 4 to 5 business days. And they would "probably" waive the $29. I said either way, do it. Well, I got the new Visor today, via FedEx the next day!
    It gets even better. I asked the rep, was it possible at all, I had now decided I wanted the deluxe instead of my original solo. Could I pay more and get a deluxe? He said he couldn't promise, but would try. Well, I got the Deluxe.
    Finally, when I HotSynced my new Deluxe I wound up with the same problem I had with the first unit. I called tech support and even though the guy had never heard of the kind of problems I was having, he checked around while I was on hold, and diagnosed that a third party program (don't know yet which one) totally messed up both units. I deleted most of likely candidates, HotSynced and viola! It worked.
    Add this to the fact that I got my Visor in exactly the 4 weeks promised and I am one very, very satisfied customer.

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    Keep talking: perhaps the good karma will rub off on the rest of us poor slobs still waiting for HS to deliver.
    At least someone is getting good service. I just wish it were me!
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    So it's you guys who can't work your Visors who are taking all of OURS?!!??!

    Eug ;^)
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    I can work my VDx pretty well <s>.The problem was one even two Tech support guys hadn't seen. I couldn't even do a Hard reset. It would just keep coming back frozen with the Palm OS splashscreen. A defective HotSync *totally* screwed it up. Finally I had to take out the batteries for 20 min, delete most of my backup folder and then HotSynch all over and restore everything. It finally worked.

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