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    I just got a package from Handspring today.
    I opened it, eagerly awaiting my backordered serial cradles so I can actually use the Visor I received last week after an 8+ week wait (Sept 20 order). Much to my surprise, what was in the box but another Blue Visor Deluxe. Checked my CC and sure enough, I was billed for it. From posts here, it seems this is not too uncommon a situation. I can find a good home for it, through a friend or on eBay, but all I wanted was my serial cradles do I could use the one I have. It is a little annoying.

    So, Handspring, if sales are slow what do you do? "Lets just ship another visor to everyone who already has one"

    How many other people has this happened to?
    What are their stories?

    Here's my summary:
    Ordered (by phone) Sept 20 - Blue Visor Dlx + 2 Serial Cradles
    Received 11/17 - BVD - 2 Serial Cradles backordered
    Received 11/24 - BVD - 2 Serial Cradles backordered
    Received 11/29 - 3 Serial Cradles
    graphite - shipped 11/24 - $29.95
    graphite - shipped 11/26 - $29.95
    ice - shipped 11/27 - $20.00

    Well, they managed to **** me off again. When I ordered (waaay back on Sept 20) I was told that I could order extra serial cradles with the Visor for $20. So I ordered two (one for home, one for work). That story has now changed. Now, you can get *one* cradle for $20, any others are $29.95.

    Have a shovel, Handspring, you're just digging yourself deeper and deeper.

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    Yes - I too received a second Visor. Specifically a Blue deluxe USB. I probably should return it - but then again if someone is eager to get their hands on one I can get it to you for the cost billed to my credit card ($256.58) plus whatever it costs to get it to you. Let me know if you're interested. or post a note here.
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    Visor number two arrived last week and Visors number three and four just arrived today. CC billed for all. Visor two was easy to sell at my office and I have someone very interested in number three already. Number four has two low probability buyers, but I haven't advertised yet.

    No serial cradles or 8 meg springboards yet - and that's what I'm really waiting for.
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    I also received a second Visor and was charged for it.
    I am INRAGED at their inept rouge dealings, they billed my credit card without my consent, this is a violation of law, and this isn't the first time they did this to me.
    This time they sent me a Visor to go along with the billing, I am going to keep it, and have them credit my account or contest it with my credit card company.
    From my research today, if you receive an unsolicited product delivered to you, you can keep it and you don't have to pay, it is considered a gift. This is from the USPS website that has a link to the Federal Trade Commission site regarding this practice. California State law also forbids this act.
    This practice is an unfair trade practice, and while their intent may not be malicious, the act is. The act intimidates people to keep it and pay for it, or having to call and wait on hold for an hour to have them shuffle you off the phone and loose your request for reimbursement.
    Credit card companies on the other hand have an excellent law mandated billing dispute process, and you donít have to wait on hold for hours, though it take a while to get restitution.
    I donít think I am over reacting, practices such as this compromise your credit security, if it so easy for them to over bill, send multiple products, bill without warrant, how secure is the sensitive information we intrusted to them? I am now forced to cancel my credit card to insure they can no longer bill to it, this has been a pain in the ***.
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    I ordered 2 Visors on 14 Sep. Finally, last week, after the same CSR that most of you experienced, I received the Visors. Today I received (and was charged for) 2 more Visor deluxes. To make matters worse, I was charged for 2 additional Visors. I expect them on Friday.
    So, let's count them up. I ordered 2 but I will receive a total of 6!! I'm extremely hesitant to try and return them for credit. If I do not sell them within a few days I will talk to Handspring within a few days.
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    The squeaky wheel gets kicked 3 times.

    Yep, Ordered 9/29. Got 2 yesterday and one today. Seems I was only billed for 2, but I fully expect the third to creep up on the ole CC soon.

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    Ordered one got three.

    What's important to understand is how this not only irritates and complicates things for their early customers, but how the shipping in volumne to people who don't need them kills Christmas Visor chances for later orders.

    Bottom line from HS: So what, who cares, shut up. If it bothered us we would stop it at the door. Suck it up and start selling those extra orders to people who you know never have a chance to see one in 1999 if you send it back to us. Plus, what do you think the chances are that we'll be able to find your return and credit you back in a timely manner? Huh, Sucker?

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    JB: you seem to have a great surplus. Do you have any BDxs in stock? 2 perhaps? I'm interested (and desperate, as my 9/21 order still leaves me visorless). I don't know your email, but mine is
    Good luck with the one(s?) you keep!!
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    I'm still waiting for my order, and as I didn't order until Nov 17th, I don't expect to recieve it before I head home from school for the holidays.

    If any of you people who got shipped an extra Deluxe unit with a USB cradle want to sell yours, and would rather take pity on a poor college student who can only afford to pay what they're regularly selling for than make some money selling on eBay, email me. I would be willing to pay shipping, and up to $10 extra for your trouble, but that's the limit of my bank account.

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    I recieved an extra Blue unit on Wednesday, 11-24. I called CS today 11-19 at 7:55cst. My wait time was under 5 minutes!! The serial unit was backorder but it came in today. I refused the order. I hope this helps.
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    I ordered ONE VDX graphite + serial cradle, by phone, on 9/17.

    On 11/24 I received two VDXs, with a note on both that the serial cradle was backordered. The interesting thing is that I was charged two different prices! Whatever. I hope to sell the extra or EBay it if I have to, as I am not taking a chance by sending it back to HS's black hole.
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    I am willing to purchase your extra graphite Vdx. If interested, email me at

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