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    Well, you guys aren't going to believe this. (well, you probably will). I ordered my ice VDX on 9/16. Called back 2 times later to check status, and everything was ok & a go. Well, after a long wait, and October orders getting shipped before mine, I had a long email correspondence with Dubinsky, I canceled my order. I even had one of her people (Yost I think was her name) call me to confirm the cancelation of my order. Well, that was the first of Nov. Monday, a package from FedEx showed up, we were expecting some other stuff, so my wife signed for it while I was at work. I get home, open the box (never even thought to check the label, it's the other stuff I ordered right?), what's this? An Ice VDX? WOW! Dubinsky sent me one for free. I checked the invoice and it said paid, but nothing appeared on my CC, so I thought she sent this one as a test model for the user group I oversee to try and convert us from using Palm units. Well, guess what happens today? I get hit on my CC (debit card) before my paycheck goes in (yes, I live check to check), and my wifes' car payment bounces plus I get another $24 in overdraft charges!! Real kicker? I can't send it back for credit now, because I have used it! Thanks for making my holidays a disaster HS!


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    You can still send it back. Handspring has a 30 day return policy, and besides, you CANCELLED the order.

    I believe that Handspring is legally liable for the penalties that you have incurred as a result of their erroneous billing.

    Contact Dubinsky again and explain the situation. If you have to, you can always take them to small claims court. Use the messages on this board as supporting evidence. I don't think you will have any trouble convincing a judge that Handspring is at fault.

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    Agreed, HS is liable for your expenses involved in this SNAFU. Identify exactly what happened and how much it cost you. Then send Dubinsky an e-mail (or else whoever the lackey is she had you work with), and tell them you expect to be reimbursed for their mistakes (exactly the cost of your bounced check, any extra interest or late fees on the auto loan, etc. that is directly related to this charge going through). I guarantee they'll bend over backwards to help you out because they're already in trouble for shipping a device to you and billing you for it when you had cancelled the order.
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    So you got caught being dishonest and you are paying for it... my heart bleeds for you.
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    Just how do you figure I was being dishonest? I ordered my product just like everybody else did, had lengthy email conversations with Ms. Dubinsky, canceled my order and moved on. Then they send it to me anyway? If you haven't been keeping up with the whole story (mainly my email conversation with Ms. Dubinsky), I don't think you have a right to jump to conclusions like that. I forgive you, have a nice day.


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    I agree with jrice. If you cancelled it and didn't want it, why did you fire it up and start playing with it.

    Also, I notice no thought of sending it back until you got billed.

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