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    I know you've heard it before: One of the Sept Gang, impatient and languishing, constantly calls (3 times, I think that's not too unreasonable given the lack of information, etc.) to be told ALL is correct, it's in shipping. Even e-mailed the big cheese (quick reply, usual platitudes), still no contact OR visors. Call today (only about a 10 min wait), very nice CSR, acually READS all my information...BAD ZIPCODE!! Did it hold up the order? Is that why I still wait entering my 10th week (and I'm not the oldest unfilled order!!)? Who knows...but if they didn't have an accurate order system, they probably didn't have a zipcode checker. He also mentioned mine was "a problem order," which the new, improved HS order tracking system caught and contacted me right away. NOT!
    If you still don't have your visor, and all information SEEMS correct, it's probably not.
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    Same kind of thing happened to me.

    I confirmed my order three times over the last month and a half with the 1-888 number...all was good in their database. After I noticed other mid-October phone orders were coming in and my CC was yet to be charged, I decided to send a note to Susan Yost. One week passes with no answer, So I call the corporate offices and ask for Susan. Got customer relations voice-mail. Sent a note to Donna, who assures me she will have someone in "Executive Relations" check in with me ASAP. Three more days pass. I call Susan again. Voice-mail. I send Donna note number two, which was never answered. I call corporate and tell them I was told to call because something was wrong with my order...a white lie I hoped would get me into the inner sanctum. Guess what? Same voice-mail as before. Next day, Susan calls me at home, we go over my order and find that the city in the shipping address was divided into two words instead of one. The shipping DB wouldn't accept the order...hence the delay.

    Moral? You really gotta check with the corporate office if you ordered before the 20th of October...or you may be waiting for a *really* long time.
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    I did the whole CSR thing, email to Dubinsky thing, was contacted by Susan and fixed my CC # for the 3rd time adn was promised shipment last week well of course nothing. Sent off another 2 emails to Susan and finally she responded to let me know she had not shipped as promised (figures). Now she claims my order will go out early this week. Somehow I don't believe this either since I've been waiting since September 16th.

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