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    I can't believe it! My Orange VDX came today sans serial cradle, but with 2 usb cradles! I know I checked my credit card late Wednesday, but there was no ding yet... Must be there over most of their shipping problems? I haven't heard if the early Sept. orders are still having problems. I wish you the best if it hasn't been taken care of yet.

    Can't wait to play! Must go now....

    Rick Bailey

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    damn, i ordered on the 29th as well. I have a feeling that the orange might not be their most popular color, so maybe they were able to ship them out quicker. I ordered blue, so maybe that's why. This is just a theory though. Enjoy. I'm still jealous though!!
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    My 10/29 web order had the CC charged on 11/24 for the Visor, but not for the serial cradle or 8MB Springboard. Too bad it got shipped to work, so I won't get it until Monday. I only have NT at work, so I won't be able to D/L stuff for it until I get it home either.
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    September orders are still a problem. I ordered 9/16 and was promised delivery by last week and received an email from Susan last friday giving me the she's real busy with a lot of problem orders crap even though she PROMISED it would ship. Supposedly it will ship early this week but if I don't get it sometime this week I'll finally just cancel.

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