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    The screen on my Treo is damaged.

    so I go to PalmOne to get it repaired.

    and PalmOne tells me to go to T-mobile, since they're my service carrier.

    Then I go to T-mobile.. who tells me to go to PalmOne, since I didn't purchase it from T-mobile.

    I bought it from ebay several months ago. It was damaged because the piece of junk case I had for it broke and it fell in the parking lot of my work.

    Does anybody have ideas on who I should go to in order to get it repaired?
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    What's wrong with it? If you dropped it, you'll have to pay for the repair regardless of who the seller was.
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    Totally off the topic - but are you saying you have T-Mo reception in Watertown? That's the only place I've been in this country where I had 0 cell reception and felt cut off from the rest of the world!
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    how is it damaged? did you break it? is it cracked? or did it die?
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    Call PalmOne and get a out of warranty exchange for a flat fee. I was quoted $70 last month, but I think its $170.

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    can't get warranties for treo products off of palmone, should have got insurance from T-Mobile for a phone that expensive. Smartphones= Carrier insurance, Handhelds= Palm warranties.
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    i work with customer service and sales with palmone,all the technical supports are going to be the service carriers technical support, normally the service providers will have special techs for certain devices. I've got t-mo service and I have that new sidekick II, but I have to ask for certain techs that are trained for that device. It's hard to explain but when you're contracted with a service provider then you would get insurance with them since the phone is registered with them and if anything were to happen to it you could make a claim and get another one, it's just like a warranty but warranties are on handhelds or devices that are not registered/contracted with anyone else. Hopefully that helps, i tried : )
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    Do you have the phone warranty from Tmo? I think its $70 to replace.
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    not on palmone but call up tmobile and they should have that information for you...but look into the Treo650 coming!!!

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