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    Class action suit? You've got to be kidding.

    I doubt you'll lose your money, it'll get to you once they get their act together. (Might be quite a while though). However, if that little amount of money is worth a class action suit, I think a little more money is worth a Palm Vx.

    (I haven't received my Visor but won't wait much longer.)

    It's interesting you mention Airborne - they do seem to have their act together. I've love to try one of those bikes out, but nobody around here (Toronto) seems to have one. The only thing is that it seems a tad longer than most bikes, and I'm not a huge fan of longer wheel-base bikes. I'm on a 4+ poundish steel bike for now...

    Steel is real...


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    Hot Carl,

    (quoted from your above post)
    "Or, the way I do it, is to call them up, tell them I'm having a problem with the unit (any unit, not just the V/Vx or the VII), and tell them I want an overnight replacement. They take a credit card number as a deposit (without charging you a dime -- try that with Handspring)"

    I did do this with Handspring. I received my graphite Visor Deluxe and after having it 3 days I had a problem (my dog decided to use it as a chew toy). I called Handspring and explained how upsetting this was too me after waiting 4 weeks to receive it and now my dog chewed it and mared the display and case.

    They gave me no problems, they gave me an RMA number and the next day I had FedEx at my door with a new Visor Deluxe. They said when you get the new one please return the chewed one using the RMA number on the package.

    This was not a warranty issue, but guess what, Handspring assumed the full warranty at no cost too me.

    I call this First class customer service.
    Thank you Handspring.

    QL2 is a satisified and happy Handspring customer. Carl give it a break and give the infant company a chance to grow beyong their growing pains.

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    I had a mail order computer business back in the early 80's selling mostly software for the Commodore 64 (Any body remember them?). During that time period it wasn't unusual for companies to advertise a new product that took much longer to hit the market than expected, if ever.

    The only people who have any room to complain about HS customer service are those who ordered a Visor and didn't get it within the 4-6 week time frame.

    All start-up companies have some problems at first. Most will correct them fairly quickly. Give HS a break.

    AND, there are far to many class actions going on already we don't need any more.

    And by the way, I ordered my Visor 2 weeks ago today and don't expect to get it until after Christmas.
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    I've got to be kidding re: class action? When a company hijacks customer credit cards? For them to get their act together? Seventy-five days isn't enough for a company to implement a decent Customer Service Center? Knowing from day one you've got order/delivery problems and that your hired Customer Service center is overcharging, not delivering and screwing up orders is, IMHO, screwing customers. That's a good way to get customers angry enough to consider action. And legitimate grounds for certain actions, either class action or via the FTC. If it happens I'm all for it and will be part of it. That's assuming I'm still on the hook for my refund.


    Glad to hear that Handspring has a positive example of customer service. I guess they're no longer being shut out. My experience was far worse, as I was told they would charge me $30 for overnight replacement. Sounds like they've changed one of their more idiotic policies. Then again, have you checked your credit card to see if they charged you the overnight replacement fee? Considering that I needed my PDA for a business trip the following day (when they promised me I would receive the replacement) and it came a week later, I dumped them. If they had spent the four months prior to launch working on customer service as opposed to working on advertising, I would have definitely cut them a break. Now all I want from them is my money back so I can make a complete break from them.


    Naivete is a beautiful thing. There are numerous people here whose cards have been charged a number of times, whether or not they have received Visors. Some have had their cards charged over five or more times. They don't have a right to complain? Thanks for your sentiments. Impatience is one thing: complete disregard for customers (or customers like you having no clue but plenty of opinion) is another.

    Seems to me that your opinion should consider the facts as a whole, not just ordering and receipt of the product. Moreover, this problem has nothing to do with the product -- it has everything to do with Handspring Customer Service having little or no consideration of the consumers with whom they're dealing. Again, if Handspring had implemented a decent customer service model before their launch, or after they realized the plan they _did_ implement failed miserably, I wouldn't be as pissed off. However, considering they've largely ignored the problems with Customer Service aside from those that cost them orders and PRPRPR, $I$ $have$ $no$ $regard$ $for$ $them$ $other$ $than$ $as$ $a$ $soon$-$to$-$be$ $former$ $company$. $How$ $long$ $can$ $a$ $technology$ $company$ $stay$ $in$ $business$ $as$ $a$ &$quot$;$start$-$up$&$quot$; $before$ $people$ $open$ $their$ $eyes$ $to$ $the$ $reality$ $of$ $how$ $poor$ $a$ $company$ $they$ $are$, $despite$ $the$ $product$ $itself$?

    Again, Tec, you might want to revisit your opinion to reflect what's really going on.
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    What is really going on here is a company that is experiencing start-up pains. And if they are given enough time they will get it taken care of.

    To Quote MEDIAM

    "I've read a great number of your posts and I'm wondering something...why are you still here?

    I realize that this is a free country and a free internet, but it seems to me that you're hanging around and posting to the groups just to badmouth Handspring when you don't even own a Visor. Not to mention the fact that you are continuously saying that Handspring won't make it through next year. Are you trying to use rumors to kill the company?"

    Order a Visor, wait more then 6 weeks and if you don't get it, or you get it along with multiple billings or if there is some other MAJOR problem you've encountered with your order - Come back and bad mouth HS then.

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    Ah, more opinion, even more obvious you have no clue.

    I ordered a Visor on the first day (9/14) and got it. Six weeks and six days later, it died after it fell less than three feet off my couch onto a carpeted floor.

    Replacing it took me three hours on the phone and a week instead of overnight, as promised. Therefore, my Ice Deluxe is now somewhere in a box in Louisville Kentucky (Handspring's return center). IOW, I won't do any more business with them.

    I returned it over three weeks ago and still have $300+ awaiting refund. Does this conform to your definition of a major problem? How about the fact that other people have gotten charged five or more times for Visors whether or not they've received one or more products? What in your vast and wizened view constitutes a major problem?

    Just for the record, start-up pains were over two months ago, when their only planned order acceptance crashed (it's the web site). Instead of having an adequate plan, they went with a Customer Service Center (Logistix) that had no idea how to deal with the immense number of orders. After repeated complaints, Handspring finally admitted that most people were erroneously being charged tax, and those that bought serial cradles were being double-charged for same. So they've managed to fix the over-charging. The shipping is ridiculous, as there are people here waiting ten + weeks for their products. And those of us awaiting credit for our cards are helpless as this start-up goes through the growing process.

    NEWS FLASH -- The only way Handspring will react to a problem is if enough people complain publicly, thus threatening their PRPRPR ($read$ $the$ $Forbes$ $article$). $They$ $don$'$t$ $care$ $if$ $anyone$ $has$ $a$ $problem$, $just$ $as$ $long$ $as$ $it$ $doesn$'$t$ $threaten$ $the$ $possibility$ $of$ $more$ $sales$.

    Sorry to disappoint you, Tec, but growing pains mean solving the problems, not ignoring them. It's unfortunate that you're not familiar (or willing to open your eyes) with respect to this situation, but there are plenty of people with, despite your tsk-tsking, major problems and legitimate anger with this start-up. If you're willing to invest your money in a "start-up doing this badly seventy-five days after launch (plus 120 days before launch, at least), then so be it. But don't even think about telling people they should be patient or stop complaining or whatever. If you're patient and don't need your Visor, great. Me, I have a Palm Vx that suits me fine, and now I'm awaiting a credit to my card that should have been issued almost immediately. Since you don't know what you're talking about, especially with respect to my (or anyone else's) situation, you might want to discontinue demonstrating same.

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    Hot Carl,

    The Handspring rep I dealt with did in the beginning offer me the $30 overnight option too, but after hearing my story he felt compassion and was able to do it without charge by calling the situation an "out of box DOA".

    I respect this type of customer service and to answer your question about my card being charged, No my card was never charged buy Handspring beyong the original order.

    I'm sorry you didnt receive the same treatment but I do think Handspring has made some progress in customer care and delivery since you dealt with them last.

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    I'm glad to hear you were treated well. Seems they found the "grey area" in terms of the $30 overnight replacement. However, two quick points still nag at me: first, does it have anything to do with you being within the 30-day MBG window? And second, if they can wrangle replacements that quickly, I wonder if you got a repaired unit, or a new one, and if a new one, I wonder why they can send them out overnight (mine came a week later, aka six days too late) and the ordering dep't can't send out orders that are pending for over two months.

    Either way, glad to hear you're enjoying your Visor II :-)

    ** MBG - Money-Back Guarantee :-)

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    Hot Carl,

    My replacement unit looks new, but I do suspect it could possibly be either a repair or a returned unit. It works fine so it's ok with me.

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