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    If you want to know about who is giving most of the bad service, the finger is to be pointed at Client Logic of 32 Bloor st. Toronto Canada. I after being treated poorly by supervisor Khery Thomas, I asked to speak to his supervisor, of which he gave me the old "In a meeting until friday at a conferance" I was told that though he has policies that say that he can't give out his supervisors name, that he wouldn't give it to me.
    After I called them on Friday to find out the status of my order and being told to check with my bank to to see if the payment went through because they had no way to track my order, I was disappointed. But I did as they asked. I contacted them the bank on monday and was told that they had charged my account and they bank sent them the payment. I called them on tuesday of this week and they still counldn't track my order and asked for a referance number to help them figure out what was going on. I asked them just exactly what a referance number was and they couldn't explain it to me, even the people on the phone didn't know what it was supposed to mean.
    So just how many hoops is a person supposed to jump through to get their items. How many complaints will I have to go through till someone will address this bad service, I don't know.

    Just a warning remember that when you call the support numbers for Handspring, your not talking to the company in California, your talking to third party company in Canada that has employees who could care less about what they are doing, what they are supporting or even if Visor makes or breaks it. As far as they are concered, all they want to do is work as a fire wall to the company.

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    Did you have to wait on hold? If not then what's the problem? According to Handspring the problems have been fixed. Remember crappy customer care wasn't the problem anyhow, it was just high demand and the resulting computer glitches. Plus, you have no right to argue since you aren't technically a customer until your visor arrives. And BTW, Khery loves working for Handspring because they're so tolerant. Has anyone been fired yet? Nope!
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    Drop me a line at and I have the list prepared by Allen. Donna (or her agent) does respond quickly to e-mails, though it's not likely to be informative. Should my visors show by Monday, I'll know that a note from the CEO (if actually sent) does carry some weight at HS. At the very least, it can't hurt, and lets then know they DON'T have the problem in hand. Last, but not least, don't forget to be nice: just because HS has hired some low rent company to provide customer disservice doesn't mean we should descend to that level, and as Grandma sez: you attract more bees with honey than vinegar.
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    to Buffasaur
    I have no intention of being rude. My letter to the CEO was professional. No one should should be treated rudly just because the person who spoke for them had done so. I have sent an email. I receved an out of office message from her email server, I wouldn't doubt that she has alot of mail to process today. Hopefully I will receive some email today

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