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    Handspring took away the page for checking if they had your order. Wonder why. Maybe they're going to put up a new one that lets you track your order like dell computer? Yeah I know I shouldn't get my hopes up. Anyway any insight on this vanishing let me know will ya?
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    I'd guess it's either because
    1) The totals were wrong.
    2) People were scanning their database sequentially and getting decent ideas of what their order numbers are.
    3) They're working on adding the shipping status to the order.

    If it's #1, then maybe they'll fix their code and bring it back, but if it's #2 or #3, then they'll probably have to change it so that you have to enter your email address and password, and then you'll only be able to look at your own orders and not just any order. Personally, I'm hoping for #3, and they'll change it to give an estimated ship date for ones that haven't shipped, and tracking number(s) for those that have.
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    I've sent them four e-mails asking why they did this. Like all other HS/BS no reply.
    I do hope that Donna and crew had a Happy Thanksgiving because they couldn't have been at work shipping.

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