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    I'm wondering who might actually have received their VDX and what their tracking number might look like. I just got off the phone with a CSR and she gave me a 12 digit number, but!!!! Doesn't take into the online FedeX. Anyone want to throw some digits my way...

    P.S.- she did state that it did go out FedEx

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    FedEx numbers ARE 12 digit numbers in the format XXXX XXXX XXXX.
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    Susan Yost rides again!

    Sends me an email regarding my 9/29 order which was billed twice (I am expecting 2).

    Says my fedex number is 9330859-9024

    That won't even track!!!


    Any ideas Fedex recievers as to the missing digit?

    Called Fedex and they said they aren't showing anything coming anywhere near me having been sent on the 19th...



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    i got a fedex tracking number yesterday (9338621573) which was rejected a few times by the online tracking, but then accepted. i think i drilled down to "advanced tracking" or some such... *shrug* maybe fedex's tracking software is flaky...
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    I've had the same experience with UPS tracking numbers. They gave me a UPS # twice, and both times the numbers were invalid. My Visor finally arrived Federal Express. From my experience, UPS and FDX are much more reliable than Handspring. If your tracking # is invalid, my bet is that your Visor hasn't left the warehouse. Good luck to you all.
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    Huh maybe they're giving you fake numbers . It'd be one way to make people stop calling. Then they could blame FedEX
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    Just talked to CSR Edward about my 10/06 order. Apparently it was 'sent to shipping' on the 11/19, but 'FedEx hasn't collected it yet'.

    I deal with FedEx on a regular basis, and I know that if you have a large shipment, and you say 'come get it', they come and get it. They don't wait a week.

    Anyway, I took this to mean that they sent my order to be filled on 11/19, and now it has been, and will ship out on Monday.

    I have a tracking number now, so I'm beginning to feel like this might be my last week of waiting...

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