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    I just got my Blue Deluxe today. I had been cursing the FedEx man since Tuesday, as my card had been charged Monday.

    To my surprise, my mail man walked to my door to deliver my visor. Now, keep in mind I ordered October 5th, so I was expecting my shipment to come expedited. Well, they sent it USPS Priority mail.

    Just thought you should know. This, of course, was after trying to find out why my shipment did not have a tracking number... Now I know why...

    I figured it would have been sent UPS before USPS.

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    The Canadians are supposed to get it through USPS. Are you, by chance, Canadian? They were all supposed to have shipped over a week ago, but it doesn't look like ANY Canadians have received theirs.
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    By chance, I live in Utah. Nope, no Canada this far south.

    Best-o-luck to the canadians.
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    Several Canadians have received their orders. Too bad we're not amongst those Canadians.

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