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    Well, I just called to HS to check my order status (ordered on 10/06 10xx). When CSR finally got everything under control... he said that my order arrived to their new warehouse and even has FedEx scan code but it's not even scanned yet
    I should expect it on Monday. Will see...
    Probably I'm not the only one who's yet waiting his toy ordered on Oct 6.
    At least I have tracking number!
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    Same story here -- FedEx tracking # assigned but "not yet scanned." My CC was charged last week. I've been really patient so far, but if it doesn't arrive early next week I'm going to start e-mailing everyone at Handspring.

    If they've boxed our orders and assigned FedEx #s, why can't they just get the darn things out the door?

    By the way, I ordered 10/6 via web.

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