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    This place is too funny.

    The moderators of these groups should be censoring order numbers, names, phone numbers etc. Pretty irresponsible, especially for a 'business', guys?.. (making a profit off of the hype with banner ads.)

    I'd hate it if someone got a hold of my name and number and posted it on the Internet. It'd carry the same weight, regardless of whether it was my business or personal contact.

    Promoting e-mail flames is equally unethical and somewhat unfair.

    It isn't fair to Handspring to flame them (or anyone for that matter.) How productive can they be, addressing the same old tired stories, and diatribes? They appear to have (some time ago) acknowledged their mistakes, shortcomings, and bungling.

    What good is this regurgitation?

    Don't get me wrong. I can't wait to get my visor either. As another has stated, "there was life before PDA."

    On another note, I hope everyone's profile is private, or that they make arrangements to increase their anonymity. I'd hate to have someone, somehow, manage to cancel/redirect my order and take my place.

    I was debating whether I should give a this place a , but I find some of this quite comical.

    Where's that "papa smurf" smiley? Ain't one of my choices..

    Happy Thanksgiving, Y'all.

    "*If HTML and/or UBB Code are enabled, this means you can use HTML and/or UBB Code in your message."

    Oh really?? <a href= ""> </a>

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    The only thing that I moderate out is if people post someone else's info without their permission (i.e. Handspring employees or other user`s email addresses).

    If you want to post your SSN, address, mother's maiden name, etc., that is your perogative. Just don't post someone else's w/o their permission.

    BTW, HTML is off

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