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    Has anyone here order/receive a web order from October 8th? I have not seen any mention of others ordering/receiving from this date via the web. Like most I am still waiting. This Friday will be 7 weeks.

    The main thing that makes me a bit upset is my cousin ordered his a week after I did on the phone and received his Nov 15th. That puts him two weeks ahead of me. I don't mind the wait; I mind the unfairness of this.
    To quote the Email Handspring sent me when I ordered; "We promise to ship all orders in the exact order they were received."
    Exact order? I don't think so. This was an empty promise.

    My order number is 3xxx, I wonder if that will make me get it by Jan. Nothing charged to the card yet. Since others that ordered via the web Oct 6th seem to be getting them I wonder if there is hope. <sigh>

    I really feel for those September orders. I think it is a great product but there really is no excuse for putting web orders behind phone orders. Hell print out the list and pretend it was a phone order <grin>

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    Ordered my blue VDx via the net on 8Oct99, and I have not heard "hide or hair" from HS on the status of my order.
    Hang in there! My heart goes to the September group and Canadians who have not received their orders, and are really taking it in the shorts.

    Bob Martinez Jr.

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    I also ordered a blue VDx on October 8th via the web (order # 28xx). I just checked with the web status page and noticed that the total for my order was equal to the shipping charge. Was this a good sign that perhaps my order has shipped? So I contacted my credit card company and to my suprise was a charge from Handspring for the correct amount.

    It's getting closer for us 10/8 orders. We just have to wait a little longer.
    My heart also goes to the September and Canadian orders.
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    I ordered my green Visor on 10/8 via web (I started the order before midnight on 10/7, and managed to get it completed around 12:30 a.m. on 10/8, #28xx).

    Received it 11/22 in Oregon. It had shipped 11/19. I had noticed a credit authorization on 11/18.
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    Hey Guess what! I got home and there is was!!!

    Man this is a nice unit. You know what, it was worth waiting for. Only one small problem with it (screen refresh seems off in a few higher rez games)and I am now going to look for some answers.
    Screen is nice, pen isn't that bad. The cover even isn't that bad..

    Thanks for the support.
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    It finally came in! Ordered the blue Vdx on the 10/08 via web and got it 11/24 via Airborne Express here in Kodiak, Alaska. Credit card dinged on 11/22. It is worth the wait. Now my wife gets the Palm Vx.
    Good luck to those who are still waiting.
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    to original poster:

    Is that an actual quote? "promise"?
    That's a tough one to swallow, chum.
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    received web order placed 10/08, was placed after my 10/06 order for my actual VisorDX (blue), which I received 11/19 via FedEx one day ship.
    On Monday 11/22 received the accessories I ordered (upgrade leather case and set of the GOOD styli) - would say wait for a while on the leather case folio.,....I would have been fine w the slip case and the plastic cover.

    only things annoying me now are:
    **when does my backordered serial cradle arrive so computer can talk/sync w Visor?
    **what a set of testicles it takes to charge me the express charge (extra 3$) for a shipment that arrived 6 weeks after order....
    ** waiting to see when my cradle arrives if they (HS) also charge me for additional shipping on backorder...

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