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    They make it quite hard to find this information on their site,

    Brokerage charge will be CAD$34 plus GST/PST (about $55-60), in addition to shipping costs.

    That's shipping UPS standard across the border. A better deal is USPS - $5 brokerage fee. If you want it fast and want to avoid the brokerage charges go Fed/Ex or UPS Express.

    I'm not a fan of UPS though.
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    Thanks for doing all that searching, but unfortunately it doesn't mean much because all Canadian orders were sent via USPS Priority. We didn't get any choice in the matter.
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    Oops... That was supposed to be a response to somebody's question about UPS shipping from a private address, presumably for one of those double-shipped Visors. Wrong section I guess.

    Yeah, it seems that US Priority Mail is what they're using despite the fact they specifically told me that all Canadian orders were going to be shipped by UPS Express. Anyway, it's a good thing, because I don't like UPS's advertising practices - they don't make it easy to find the outrageous brokerage fees they charge for UPS Standard shipping.
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    Many, many thanks for the help...

    What do they base calculations on, anyways? Declared value for the package? (guess you can see where I'm going with this...)

    Six of One, trying to spare his dying budget
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    Just ship it USPS Priority Mail or USPS Standard (or if you like UPS Express or Fed/Ex).

    Forget about UPS Standard from the US - too expensive in the end because of those fees, and probably the slowest. Anyways it would be prudent to insure it, and it could look fishy for you to insure it for $300 but declare say, a $100 value for it.

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