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    Ordered on 10/29 and checked my Visa card today. It shows an authorization from HS yesterday. Hey, if I get it when I get back from Tks-giving that'll put HS on the short end of their 4 - 6 week promise.

    Evidently, HS has corrected their order/delivery problems . . . knock on wood.
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    They what? Corrected their order delivery problems? When? I have been waiting since September 16th, have called over and over again straightened out any problems (supposedly) they claimed to have had with my information, emailed Donna Dubinsky, talked to Susan at Handspring and sorted out my info again, was promised delivery no later than yesterday and I'm still waiting.

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    I'm with Meisty on this one. Once I get my Sept. 16 order, maybe along with free stuff, I might declare Handspring's problems fixed. I don't think shipping new orders promptly while overdue September orders wait is a good fix for the problem. Of course, I am just a grumpy September orderer.
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    While, it's not that great that they are STILL working on the early orders, The fact that the recent orders are going out on time does indicate that their original problems have been solved.

    Unfortunately, what seems to be slowing down the process for us early orders is the time it's taking for them to get in touch with us to verify the information and correct things that are still a problem. But, on the bright side, from the looks of the dated list (don't remember the subject name), MOST of the early orders have been shipped and recieved as well.
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    Doesn't help when you know YOU'RE still part of the visorless Sept Gang

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