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    I just got a call from my wife with the news that the FedEx delivery man just dropped off a package from Handspring!!! Hopefully everything is correct!

    I ordered my graphite deluxe via the web on 10/6 and my order number was in the low 1900.

    I never called or got my order expedited, so I've got to think that a lot of other people will be getting theirs today.

    FYI, I live in Minnesota so I'm not anywhere close to CA. Also, the charge has not actually been posted to my account yet.

    I can't wait to get home and make sure it's actually correct... Good luck to all the other web orders..

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    Any change to your order status on Handspring's web site?
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    Another Visor Recieved!

    My 10/6 web order, number 11xx was recieved today. It is a BVD and the serial cradle is backordered.

    The invoice did not mention the custom case (not in price or on the list)

    I have NT here at work so I will have to wait until I get home to play more.

    It IS definatly faster with a much improved screen over my 3. The buttons feel great. I am very happy with the product. (Now that I have it, or at least most of it.)

    I did e-mail Donna once and call once, but I don't think either had an effect on my order. I ordered Standard Shipping and recieved it FEDEX.

    Gotta go play!
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    Nope, the web still says "4-6 weeks" under estimated ship date. So much for an up to date shipping page!
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    Can you please tell me if it came FedEx Standard Overnight or FedEx Priority Overnight? With Priority it is supposed to be delivered by 10:30am.
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    Yikes. I'm having my BVDx sent to my home address, but nobody will be there during the day today. Does anyone know FedEx's policies about making deliveries with nobody to sign for them? Do they try to redeliver later, or do they just leave the package somewhere?

    I only ask because I once had UPS just leave a package I'd ordered on our doorstep, which let to its prompt theft. We didn't even realize it had been delivered until we inquired several weeks later.

    Oh well, not that I should really expect it today (except that all the "Web order received!" posts are getting my hopes up.)


    Never before have things been so much the way they are now.
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    Was it MEANT to be sent to your home address?
    It seems that the favor that HS have been doing is to move everyone's orders up to FedEx overnight, but then sent them to the CC billing address. I guess I'd be happy to get anything since my web order in the low 15xx from 10/6 has not been seen yet....
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    I got mine today!! Blue VDx. It came overnight, although I didn't request it. I didn't hassle anyone at HS; just bit my nails impatiently.. hehe This is my first PDA.. can't wait to start playin around w/ it!
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    Yes, I intentionally had them send it to my home address. Soon afterward, I realized that that was not the best option (seeing as how nobody's there during the day), but hesitated to change my address at Handspring because I was already hearing horror stories about people calling in to change their info and then getting their orders screwed up entirely. Better to have it delivered at home than to have to wait for 2+ months, I thought. If I had only known....

    Waiting with fingers crossed,

    (BVDx, web order 10/6, #13xx)

    Never before have things been so much the way they are now.
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    Whew! Got mine. Good thing I scrambled home early before FedEx got here. I am in Seattle and it came Standard Overnight, which should be delivered no later than 4:30.

    10/6 #991006-10XX

    Note: I have not called or emailed Handspring or the CSRs. Not even once.

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    I am very jealous....

    in seattle
    10/7 27xx
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    I got mine. Only a couple of days past six weeks. Still too long but the wait is over.
    Order: 10/6 by web (18xx)
    Color: Black
    Sent: Next day (req. UPS standard)to Houston
    No extra toys and Serial cradle backordered.
    My first PDA and I'm very pleased. I did like the thin steel Vx I tried, but not for a C note more.
    Going off to play.
    Hookem Horns and my thoughts and prayers are with you Ag's
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    Does FedEx overnight deliver on Saturdays?

    If no one is at home when it's delivered, do they leave a note or just leave the package?

    I'm still waiting for mine here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland!! Should be any day now!!

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    Hookem, I'm at A&M and appreciate the kind thoughts of all the other Texans after the tragedy yesterday. Hope its a great game!

    p.s. I'm actually a Stanford alum, and I really hope the Ags do better than the Cardinal did in Austin...I was at that game.
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    I haven't seen any posts that they are delievering on Saturday, only shipping out. FedEx saturday delievery costs extra. As for signing for the visor, depends on which box HS checked on the shipping ticket.
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    Did any of you lucky B*******s (just jealous)get a stylus pack for your trouble and irritation?
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    I received 2 Visor Deluxes that I ordered on 14 September. Although these devices are for my wife and son, I must admit that I prefer my Palm.
    I don't like the removable cover or the stylus. Also, the Visors just don't seem as well built as my Palm IIIX. The Visor seems to get disconnected while beaming quite often.
    Perhaps I will feel differently when cool springboard modules begin shipping. For the time being, I told my family to compare their Visors to my Palm. If they like the Palm better, I am sending the Visors back.
    Anybody want to buy a new Orange or Ice Visor?
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    Don't feel bad. I ordered from Seattle on the same date and in the same order number range as CodeMonkey, and I haven't gotten mine yet, either. (And I asked specifically for overnight shipping.)
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    I was in the first 50 web orders and no I didn't get any free stylus. Nor did I expect to. I figured it would be after Thanksgiving before I got this damnable thing. This whole experience has left me bitter and disgusted. It will be a long time before I get excited over a stupid piece plastic again. I have told everyone to buy a Palm IIIx if they can't wait until the PDA revolution of the first quarter of Y2K. Springboard or not, this will look like a friggin etch-a-sketch in a few months anyway.

    Good luck and if you don't have it yet, better stay close to the door on Monday.
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    JB posted:

    Anybody want to buy a new orange or ice visor?

    Sure! What's your email?
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