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    Mine's HERE! I got home last night to a note from Fed Ex on my door (they tried to deliver at 11:20 am and I wasn't home) and ran over to the Fed Ex office to pick up my package.

    I had actually requested from Donna and Sandy that my shipping address be changed to my new office location, and they said they'd do it, but I guess the message didn't get to shipping. :-(

    It's Ice, just what I ordered, and I love it!

    Ordered 10/6 Web
    CC Charged 11/19
    Delivered 11/22

    No free anything, but I don't care! I can quit pestering poor Donna and Sandy now! Hope everyone else gets theirs soon.
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    Status the same:

    CC Billed
    No Graphite VisorDX

    Order# 27xx

    waiting in Seattle...


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    Well, I ordered back on Oct0ber 5th, and I have yet to receive any *real* information as to what's going on with my order.

    I called about three weeks ago, and the guy gave the standard "two weeks from now" comment. I was ok with that. Then, at two weeks and news of the 10/5 orders shipping in earnest, I called again. Got through very quickly and he said he couldn't see why it hadn't shipped. He told me to call back friday to get a tracking number.

    I forgot to call on friday, so I call up on Saturday. "Sorry sir, it has not shipped. I will expedite that, if you'd like". Like, DUH.

    So, I call up yesterday, it hadn't shipped. Now, I am thinking, what the hell are these people doing?

    I call up today. No real news, except they believe mine has shipped.

    "Can I get a tracking number with that?" ... "Sorry, I can not find one".

    Hmmm, "When did it ship?" ... "It shipped yesterday..."

    Hmmm... Now, I have to wonder if:
    A. It shipped?
    B. It Didn't Ship?
    C. Will I be around if it arrives?
    D. Should I order another one and see which comes first?

    Anyway, I am impatiently waiting. Of course, any information provided by a CSR is simply untrustable.

    I thought my experience with my first Palm OS based handheld would be much better. Then again, maybe I expect too much (reasonably informed CSRs, adequate responses, information about ship dates, etc)

    Maybe tomorrow...
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    Received Visor (reg'ler) Graphite (c'mon, it's BLACK) on 11/22 in the a.m. via FedEx Houston, TX
    Ordered on 10/6 on the Web
    CC charged JUST for the Visor
    No belt clip (back order)

    First Impressions:
    Has a clean look to it
    Great metal buttons
    Feels more solid than old Palm
    I LIKE the cover a lot
    Stylus is a stylus...have a Pentopia 3way
    Backlight is cool in a dark restaurant
    Cradle is also clean

    Cover has a nice rounded look
    Ridges look/feel better in person
    "Slug" in back can be used to prop up @ angle
    2 Date Book Icons (one is "Date Book Plus")
    "Plasticy" film over glass...not bad though
    Screen offset to the right a bit (better for righties with their thumb hanging over a bit)
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    Ordered 10/6 on web, order number 1330
    recieved yesterday.
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    Well I finally figured out why I didn't have my VisorDx yet. When they shipped it on Friday they left my Suite # off the address, so FedEx couldn't deliver.

    I should get it this morning....

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    The day has come!!

    I just received a call from my office in Tampa FL that my Visor arrived! Unfortunately, I'm in Georgia at the moment. They're sending it to me by FedEx. I should have it Friday.

    Here are the stats:

    When ordered: 10/07/99
    When Visor arrived: 11/23/99
    Shipped to: Tampa FL
    Method of shipment used: Express (requested)
    How ordered: Online
    Order #: 991007-27xx
    Model Ordered: Blue Visor Deluxe

    I won't know until Friday whether they got it right or not (or if there is a Serial Cradle).

    Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the US, let us all give thanks for the arrival of our Visors!

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    I finally got ONE! Well worth the wait. Be patient, and hang in there for the ones that are visor-less.

    When you ordered: 10/08/1999 #28XX
    When your Visor arrived: 11/24/1999 1:05pm
    Where you live (city, state): Kodiak, Alaska
    What method of shipment you used: Express
    How you ordered (Online or Phone): Online
    And the color of your Visor: Blue Deluxe
    Delivered by Airborne Express. Serial Cradle on backorder.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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