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    10-06 placed order for VDx (blue) via web
    requested standard shipping at that time
    10-08 placed follow up web order for case
    and styli 5 pack, w express shipping

    11-18 same day that HSpring posted on web
    that they had yet to start shipping web
    orders from week of Oct 4, which is 6wks+
    1 day from my order date, they shipped my
    order via Overnite FedEx. Arrived
    Friday, with serial cradle on backorder,
    and no styli in the pack.
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    Whoops. Now that I've gone shooting my mouth off, I check my credit card and see a Handspring charge from today (a Saturday!?).
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    Fedex is nice because they wont leave your package on your doorstep. If you're not home when a package is delivered they will take it and try to redeliver it on another day. If you're still not there they keep it and tell you to pick it up at one of their stations.
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    Well, I just called the Hanspring customer service line to get a tracking number for my 10/6 web order, which I assumed was already on the way (since all web shipments from the first week were supposed to be out by yesterday.) I was surprised (and simultaneously not surprised at all) when I was told by the CSR that my order had not yet shipped. He said I should probably expect it sometime next week.

    I told him that the website said that all web orders from that week were supposed to be shipped by yesterday (Saturday). He replied "Oh, they must have meant Monday. We don't ship on Saturdays." He also refused to listen to the order number I was trying to give him. He instead insisted on my name (which is usually misspelled, so I avoid using it in these situations).

    While I'm used to Handspring CSRs giving false/incomplete/vague information, this is the first time (out of 5 calls) that I've gotten a CSR who was overtly rude at the same time. I asked to check my order information while I was on the line. He sighed, put me on hold for a couple of minutes, and then asked for my order number (this is *after* he had already told me it hadn't shipped, which makes me wonder if he really had found my order record before). He then said "You ordered a Visor Deluxe, right? Your information's all here. It's all here." He didn't want me to actually go through and check the info, he just wanted to rush me off of the phone.

    I suppose he may have refused my order number initially if there were separate (unrelated) databases for shipping and order status, so he may not have been BSing me then. It's just that his attitude was such that I felt like I was keeping him from something more important.

    This whole situation is supposed to all get better sometime, right?


    Never before have things been so much the way they are now.
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    I was similarly blown off by a CSR last Friday. He wouldn't even listen to my order number when he found out I had ordered online on Oct7. He told me the only way I could get any info about my order was to pull up my order status on the HS website. The info there just confirmed that my order was in the database and nothing more. Knowing this and very much put off by his obduracy, I gave him a hard time, thinking this might "break through" the stonewall, but did no good. I ended up hanging up. Status? My CC was checked for funds by HS Saturday, but that's all I know now.

    Bob Brunson
    Charleston, SC
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    ordered 10/7 on web - Ice VDx w/ serial

    I checked my CC statement, and it has been billed. I called the regular 800 number, and the disparaging CSR there told me that he couldn't check the web orders, and that a tracking number would be placed on the web site. I told him that there was nothing there, but he insisted that there was. I hung up.

    I called the *non* toll-free CS number, and the rep there told me that my order had not been shipped yet. He had no answer as to why my card had been billed, with no order shipped.

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    It is interesting that people who ordered the week of Oct 6 are getting units now even though the web site (last I checked) said "we have not yet begun to ship orders placed the week of Oct 4')
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    Woo hooooo!! I got mine this morning 11/22/99 10:00 AM Fedex Priority Overnight. Order 10/6 on the web. Blue VDX. Came with the stylus 5-pack I ordered. Price exactly correct. Well worth the wait. Now I just have to try and work today

    BTW Never called, never e-mailed, just waited impatiently

    Power corrupts, absolute power is really kinda neat.
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    Ordered 10/6... card dinged over the weekend...

    ...biting nails with anticipation...

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    Mine just arrived too!

    Ordered 10/6 on the Web - Ice VDx and premium case! Charges were correct, shipment was correct and came via FedEx. Sent from Fremont CA on 11/20, arrived Buffalo NY 11/22. Woo hoo!

    Can't wait to play at home tonight! It will be a happy Turkey Day indeed!
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    Web order on 10/7

    Received Blue Visor Deluxe on 11/22, Flint Michigan, via FedEx standard overnight.

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    After everything, it looks like things are finally better. For me, anyway.

    Went home for lunch to find my BVDx waiting for me. Ha! No word on any credit card charge, but I have the gadget in hand at last.

    So, to sum up:
    BVDx, ordered web 10/6, #13xx, RECEIVED 11/22.


    Never before have things been so much the way they are now.
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    Ordered 10/7 online.
    CC charged 10/18.
    Wife just called to say it arrived!!
    Now, to try to finish the workday...
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    Surprise ! Surprise !

    Received Graphite VDx on 11/22 1pm via FedEx (not sure of Overnight etc..the wife called me)
    Ordered on 10/7 9pm via the Web.
    CC charged $259.64 on 11/19.

    Here's my Order Status:
    1 Visor Deluxe - Graphite (USB plus serial cradle) 4-6 weeks $269.00 $269.00
    Sub-total: $0.00
    Shipping: $11.50
    Order Total: $11.50

    I imagine my serial cradle is backordered, so I guess I was either charged shipping or tax (incorrectly, I'm in Charlotte). Minor issue at this point.

    I had called Handspring on Wednesday last week to ***** and complain (I was patient it was my 1st time) and the CSR said that my CC Exp date was messed up and he corrected. He also said it would be another 2-3 weeks before I would get it. I also told him to make note on ONLY time I would call to comment that I was very displeased with their delivery of product and that I trust if they want to make their customers happy they resolve the situation. (He said he would note it). Obviously the CC changes went OK, but I really don't think my complaint mattered and they just did their job finally! Since I gave up - they suprised me!

    I feel like I have just been inducted and initiated as a Visor Owner- FINALLY !
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    I called my CC this morning to find that it was dinged on Friday! YES!!

    Then later this morning I was just returning to the office to see the FexEx Man pausing on our floor looking through his packages! YES!

    So I went into the office and waited.

    The FedEx guy left. DAMN! Apparantly not my time yet. Maybe the afternoon delivery....

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    Sadly it is quickly approaching 4:30 PST (local) and no FedEx. And someone in VA got their GraphiteVdx order #26xx...

    I'm 27xx.....


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    I guess I have to eat my words somewhat. I arrived home tonight to see a fedex sticker waiting on my door at home. Even though the CSR said my visor had not shipped, it arrived today! I went to the FedEx station and picked it up this evening--looks good so far!

    (Ice VDx ordered 10/7 on web, arrived 11/22)
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    Mine came today - ordered 10/7, order #23??

    The right one but no serial cradle. So far so good though!!!
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    It's here!!

    Ordered on web: 10/6
    1 Orange
    1 Ice
    1 Custom case
    Arrived: 11/22
    Topeka, KS
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    Got it
    Ordered 10/06 #12xx
    Ice dlx
    Recvd 11/22
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