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    Hello, I don't want to violate the terms by posting an ad here. I need help for the best places such as discussion forums to spread the word quickly about our treo 600 sale. We are not allowed to use Google Adwords.

    We have 12 brand new T-Mobile Treo 600 for sale that can be purchased from our secure SSL website. We are selling at a cut throat price because we need to sell them all this month. Sorry, won't sell them unlocked or without activation.

    Thank you for the suggestions.

    Manager, WinfreePCS Inc.
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    Based on your website, it's $349 with activation. That's not exactly a 'cut-throat' price.
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    Take a look at the other websites selling for $349 after rebate with $39.99 voice plan and $19.99 data plan. I am selling it with $29.99 data plan and no rebate. That's pretty cut-throat to my bottom line.

    Hope this helps,
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    what if i already have service through t- mo i dont think thats cut throat for t- mo customers that dont have t-600. or do i have to pay full price and if so how much.
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    There's plenty of sellers of Treo that doesn't require activations for those that are looking for unlocked phones.

    Kindly show me who is selling lower than $349 with a plan for $39.99 and above for activation and/or without rebates.


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