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    I ordered my visor on October 27th. Got it yesterday, November 23. I'm generally happy with it, but the lid is ooooo sooooo cheap.
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    Was it a web order or a phone order? I was under the impression that all post Oct 25th orders would be handled first in first out, but I haven't heard of any web orders after Oct 10th.
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    I should have noted it was a phone order
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    Joe V reports that he just recieved his 10/28 web order. Maybe they are catching up!
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    I don't mind the company trying catch up. However, I sit here without my visor ordered the 5th of October.

    I know there are people who have ordered before me who have not recieved theirs. However, my card has been charged (as of monday) and two CSRs say it shipped on Monday. Here we are, Wednesday, I have not recieved mine.

    I am trying to give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe the order shipped too late on Monday to make the overnite, but that would mean I should have received it today. That is, if was has indeed shipped.

    I have spoke to two different people and neither can give me a tracking number.

    It's just messed up.
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    If your credit card has been charged, it is probably a safe bet the Visor is on the way. I haven't read too many posts that indicate a charge and no product (there were very few of these if I remember correctly and most of that was duplicate charging too).

    However, the fact that they still cannot provide tracking numbers is not a good thing. If your order did ship on Monday as they claim, it may not have gone FEDEX overnight. It may have gone with a longer shipping timeframe. Now that there is a holiday, expect another delay.

    Perhaps demanding to speak to a Supervisor is in order or have the issue addressed higher up is the route to take. Especially since you've been charged for the item.

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