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    I couldn't believe it myself. I ordered via the web on 10/28. Just got it from FedEx an hour ago (yeah, FedEx!). I noticed yesterday that my order on handspring's site was showing the wrong total, so I thought maybe... Anyway, the serial cradle is back ordered so I still can't use it, all my data is in my PalmIII. As soon as I get it, I'll transfer the data and give my wife my p3 after a hard reset.

    Hopefully Handspring will fix their screw-ups soon because in all fairness, I should NOT have received my Visor until all orders before mine were filled. I did not expect to see it until Xmas.

    To all of you who are being jerked around, I'm not trying to gloat, just passing on some shipping info. :-)

    Joe V. - Simi Valley, CA

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    Hey, I backed up on my browser and it reposted my topic! Maybe the powers-that-be can delete this duplicate? Thanks

    Joe V. - Simi Valley, CA
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    You are definitely lucky!

    I wouldn't bank on the change in total getting closer to shipping for web orders.

    I placed my order on November 11th and my total charge matches shipping. However, no Visor and no charge on my credit card.

    I did have a moment of concern since the credit card I chose expires at the end of December. Normally this wouldn't be a big deal, but my credit card company is changing brands so I get a whole new card with a different account number, instead of a similar card with same account number and new expiration date.

    Donna was very helpful and suggested the 4-6 week ship time would be accurate. However, if I didn't receive it by December 11 then to contact her again to have someone go through the credit card change to avoid a problem.
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    Got mine today too.
    Ordered 10/28 via web.

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