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    Hi. I can't explain how fed up I am with these mind games HS is playing with us. There is no excuse for their failure. "Didn't expect this type of response" Yeah right. Show us your marketing plans. "Didn't plan the Visor to be a Christmas item" You know, that would be a novel idea. "We're working to improve" Oh yeah, well, "SHOW ME THE VISOR!" I think flaming HS on the web is only a way for us to vent our frustrations. We need to take action. We need to make them pay for this mistake. Here is the information you need to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Will this get you your Visor faster? Probably not, but if enough of us complain, HS will take our business more seriously. I just hope enough of us are willing to follow through with the BBB. Good luck!

    I want to keep a log of those who complained with the BBB and any reactions (positive or negative) by Handspring.
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    You just need to post this once, you know, not on half the threads here.

    The idea of complaining to the BBB or FTC has been brought up before but I don't know if anyone has actually done it. It certainly is one area where consumers can actually do something about companies they feel are misleading or mistreating them. I don't know if plain old incompetence and confusion count though...
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    If you actually read all those other threads to see that I cross posted this BBB message, I shouldn't be taking advice from you. Please, let's not flame each other... just flame handspring. Let me explain that the idea of setting up my own thread occured to me only after I cross posted.

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    I got TWO Visor DELUXE Yesterday, and let me say.. I LOVE IT! I sold the other one already. I had change my color, and now received TWO of them! I ordered on 10/18/99, and I got it YESTERDAY!! Great huh? Less than a month... You gotta love that! Why am I telling you this? Just because I am SOO DARN HAPPY with this product, AvantGo is AWESOME! Also, I am writing this because you all need some patience, I understand you all ordered a long time ago, but mistakes happen. Give them a break. I like Handspring, they sent me TWO... sorry.. I mentioned that already didnt I... oh well... The guy I sold it to, was JUST about to order, now he doesnt have to wait at least... He will have it by noon tomorow. We are VERY pleased with our service from Handspring, and will recommend them to every one, and I for one, am going to go to that BBB SITE and leave a compliment about Handspring and their prompt and courteous service. Have fun! and I hope you get your Visors before Christmas! Happy New Year! ...

    Mark Neumann

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    You all act like someone forced you to order this device. Cancel you orders so I can get mine sooner. I am so sick of you whiners!!!!!!!!!!!

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    You might want to wait until the 30-day return period expires and/or you need to deal with customer service and tech support before complimenting Handspring for anything.

    Seems to me that complimenting a company for successfully getting a product to you says plenty about the company. If the BBB gets enough input, even from people who are thrilled they actually received the product, they'll be more than able to let prospective customers know (sic) how efficient and effective Handspring is in their dealings with their customers.

    Either way, enjoy your Visor(s).
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    I'm sorry but I don't understand something:
    You have been a Visor Central Member for one day and made 14 posts nearly all of them refering to complaints to the BBB. What gives, what happened to you to put you in such a rage and not give us any details at all about what Handspring has done to you.

    When did you order, When did you get billed, when did you not receive your Visor, how did you order your Visor.

    Posting this BBB complaint 14 times will not win you any friends here. I am not flaming you, I am simply trying to understand what happened and maybe somebody will be able to provide you with some useful information about obtaining a Visor ---if you indeed ordered one.

    I have received mine and then a replacement unit because the initial one failed. You can read my posts and I could easily complain to the BBB but I won't because I do not wish to do so. Handspring is having problems and they are working on fixing them. The BBB will help if you truly have a problem but they will also suggest that you contact the company first before filing a true complaint. All we have seen here is 13 cross posts on the same subject. No description of what the true problem is in your case..

    If you care to elaborate on the facts of your true complaint then please do so. There are numerous people on this forum that would probaly appreciate some specific information regarding it.

    Moose Man

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    Hi. I am Wil's girlfriend, so I am the one who ordered the Visor. I ordered it on October 10. They shipped the serial cradle on October 20. I received the cradle. They shipped the Visor October 21. I have not received the Visor yet.
    When I received the cradle, I called to see when I would be receiving the Visor, because what use is a cradle without something to put in it? When I called, they gave me a UPS tracking number for the cradle and a UPS tracking number for the Visor. I checked on the UPS site to see about the tracking numbers. The one for the cradle said that I had received it, which I had. The one for the Visor did not exist.
    Meanwhile, my credit card had been billed on October 20 and 21, when they had shipped the items.
    So I called them back saying that the tracking number didn't exist. So on November 5, I had them put through what they call an escalation. This basically is a notice to the supervisors to check out why I haven't received the Visor yet, and to send another one, or fix the mix up with UPS.
    So I called back a few days later to see if the escalation went through. They said that it had, and using hte same invalid tracking number as before, it would arrive at my house no later than November 12.
    Well, that was last week. I still have not received the Visor. On this past Monday, November 15, I called again. They put through another escalation to send my out one ASAP. They said that it would be overnighted to me and that I should have it this week. Well, its Friday. No sign of a Visor yet.
    Remember that my credit card was charged almost a WHOLE MONTH AGO. Now wouldn't you be pissed if you were charged for something that you haven't received? I do have a serial cradle, lot of good that does.

    If anyone has had a similar experience, or any advice, please let me know. As you could read above, Wil is getting pissed because it was his birthday present, and his birthday was in October.
    Thanks a lot for any help.
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    Write your cc company (there is a separate address on your cc statement) and protest the charge. Tell them that the merchandise was never received.

    You should never pay a cc charge for merchandise you haven't received.

    This has worked for me with other vendors. The cc company actually has a staff to call these vendors.
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    and RichCrooks is correct...

    perhaps the best tactic is to work thru your CCard company..they do indeed feed back to the vendors for this sort of thing..and the non receipt of items is exactly why you /we use credit cards for we have a recourse for bad company service...
    give your Visa/MCard vendor a call..and sick BigBankUSA onto the Handspring billing dept.

    And I will sit here quietly looking out the window periodically, hoping to see the big brown UPS truck stop and give me some long overdue HS shipment...

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    Allyson -

    You have a legit complaint about your credit card being charged almost a month ago but haven't received the product yet. I would agree with whatever steps you have to take to clear this up. However, something doesn't add up:

    Order date (Oct. 10) + 4-6 weeks delivery <> Wil's birthday in October

    While everyone's anxious to receive their Visor, *IT'S ONLY A PDA*. I know, because I currently have a PalmPilot Pro. While I rely on it heavily for keeping my schedule and tracking time for work, it has not yet written the great American novel, cured cancer or landed a man on Mars. There is life without a PDA... it's not as organized, but it does exist.
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    Life is full of ironies. Just as I blew the fuse and posted nasty-grams on the web, my Visor arrived the next day, on cue. It's a Deluxe Ice, and it's great. Already I've synced it with my Outlook and downloaded some apps. It took a while, but I got my present.
    This doesn't change my position on the failure of the Handspring CSR dept. I can deal with waiting, but I don't like false promises and invalid UPS tracking #'s. However, the damage has been done, as Allyson filed a complaint the morning of the arrival. I don't know what one complaint will do, but I at least did cast a vote. Hey, maybe complaining to the BBB does expedite an order!
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    Good thing you ordered ice. If you'd ordered anything other than that or graphite, you'd still be wanting to gripe to the BBB about the way the Web site gives the misleading impression that the color Visors are a solid color, rather than front half colored and back half ice as they actually are. Maybe I will take up the BBB torch (no pun intended) for you. :-)
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    wilwen (and any others reading),

    Do not cross post messages accross multiple forums to get more responses. Any cross posting will be removed. There is a reason we have more than one forum. Stick with it.

    Also, posting "Get a life!" doesn't accomplish anything. Post your positive comments, don't fan the flames.

    James Hromadka
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    If you ordered Blue early on you got a double whammy. It wasn't the darker blue shade the website showed (now has been changed) and you knew nothing about the back being Ice. No pictures, and no text about that "feature."

    I changed to Graphite faster than you could say "Bait and switch!"

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    Actually, if you read the articles here on VC, the Internet World Report discusses the Ice backs on the color Visors.

    James Hromadka
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