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    Has anyone recieved their backordered Serail HotSync Cradle's or any response from Handsporing on when they will ship? I have a Graphite Serial Cradle on backorder.
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    I received my Visor today and my serial cradle was also backordered. However, I've been reading how a lot of people have received their serial cradles within days of their Visors.

    Let's keep our fingers crossed. I'm running NT at work and Win95 at home so I'm totally out of luck. Over my almost dead body I've accepted that I'll have to put Win 98 on my home computer. Oh well, I only use it for games. I write code in Java on Linux or NT.

    So hang in there.
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    Two weeks ago I received a graphite serial cradle....

    Unfortunately no Visor came with it. Still waiting....

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    I've had my graphite VDx for three weeks, but no serial cradle....

    I did get a credit for the overcharge (due to the serial cradle) and also a credit for the sales tax. But no new charges for the serial cradle. I'm a little leary of calling the CSR's..... don't want to screw anything up and don't trust any thing they might say anyway.
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    I've also had my graphite Visor Dx for 3 weeks but still no serial cradle that was/is on backorder at the time.
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    I received my Graphite Visor Deluxe on Monday and it included the extra serial cradle. SO they must have them in stock.
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    I just got three visors I ordered Oct. 19. One was supposed to come with a serial cradle. I called Handspring and they said that it will be atleast another two weeks.

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    Just received my BVD ordered Sept 20.
    I ordered two serial cradles with it, which oddly enough were put in as one ice cradle, and one graphite cradle. Both of the cradles were backordered.

    It sucks to have gotten my Visor after more than 8 weeks, only to have it sit idle because I can't get data into it. Oh well, I'm working to borrow a friends 98 box so I can actually _use_ the thing. I'm running NT both at home and at work.
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    I order a graphite VDX with serial cradle six weeks ago. Got an "ice" serial cradle two weeks ago, but no VDX. Bozos. Gonna cancel the order, return the cradle, and buy a Palm IIIx, which I can get in one or two days. Gee, on second thought, maybe I can sell the cradle on eBay for $100 ;-)
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    Received my backordered graphite serial cradle today via FedEx overnight shipping.
    Was charged $20 + $6.95 P&H.

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    The people at handspring probably didn't realize that a lot of people still don't have Win98, so thats why it comes with a USB cradle. Unfortunately, because of this, they probably didn't make too many serial cradles, as they thought demand for those would be little since USB syncing is much faster.

    Essentially, because of their oversight, most people won't receive a serial cradle until quite a while after they receive their Visor. Or if they do, they probably won't get their Visor for a while. There seems to be some sort of connection between the delivery of the Visor and the Serial cradle.

    This is just a test of patience as far as I can see. If you really are that impatient, you can always get Win98 from someone who has it and use the USB cradle. Those of us who have more patience will have to wait it out and how for the best.
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    Cripes! So I'm gonna get charged shipping for the visor AND shipping for the cradle if they don't come at the same time? Grrr...
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    The confirmation email I got way back on 10/7 said:

    Please note that we may ship items as they come in, so you may
    receive more than one package from us until your order is complete
    (there are no additional shipping fees for this).
    If you're getting charged for separate shipping, you should complain.
    My card got charged on the 19th, and judging from the amount my serial cradle is backordered too.
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    Got my cradle!

    Original Order: 10/19
    VDx Received: 11/16
    Serial Cradle Received: 11/22

    Things worked out pretty well for me, as a coworker who ordered an IVD had received his ice cradle but not Visor and let me use his cradle for a couple of days while I was waiting (until his Visor came in).
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    I received my blue Visor (minus serial cradle) on 11/17. I ordered the unit in September. The packing list indicated that another unit was on backorder. This explains the over $600 hold that had been placed on my credit card a couple of days earlier.

    I called customer service (you know the drill) and after speaking to a supervisor who actually seemed to know what she was talking about, assured me that another unit would not be shipped and my card credited for the extra unit (which I never ordered).

    I'm still a bit ticked that I was finally charged $269.00 for the unit I did receive, even though I didn't receive the serial cradle. Handspring has no idea when the cradle will be shipped. Are we almost crossing the line from 'screwed-up operations' to fraudulent?


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