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    Has anyone actually received a free 5 pack?

    I was actually told by a CSR this morning(11/19/99) that all orders before October 20 will ship with a free 5 pack.

    Also, he (Kerry or Terry ?) told me that a large batch will be going out FedEx on Monday morning.

    Anyone care to "confabulate"? Hmmm....
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    I recepticated my packofibe toowekago, just to flab your jab.

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    I recieved my BVD today from a 10/6 web order. No Stylii included.
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    10-06 placed order for VDx (blue) via web

    11-18 same day that HSpring posted on web that they had yet to start shipping web orders from week of Oct 4, which is 6weeks+1 day from my order date, they shipped my order via Overnite FedEx. Arrived Friday, with serial cradle on backorder, and no styli in the pack.
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    As a follow up to my own post, I received my Visor Deluxe today without the free 5 pack as promised.

    I guess I'm just happy to have that sweet Graphite in my hands...

    Good luck to all!
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    Lugnut, would you send me the Ice stylus and prorate the cost? I'd really appreciate it
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    I received my Blue VDx last week 11/18. On Monday I received another FedEx with a Stylus 5 Pak. I didn't order it...
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    but on the other hand...

    I too, received my Blue VDx last week 11/18. On Monday I too received another Blue VDx by FedEx but no Stylus 5 Pak. I didn't order it...

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