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    I have a Treo300 that I would like to trade for a sprint phone. Preferably something that is 3G and has a color screen, but it doesnt have to. The Treo while not in the best cosmetic condtion, still works wonderfully. The screen and stuff are perfect just the case has paint peeling and stuff. I have the link cable and stylus for it too. I thought this would be a good phone for me...not knowing how big it was. I would really like something smaller, like the Sanyo 8100. If you guys have any old phones that you might want to trade for this please post below. I can take pictures of the phone and post them upon request. I just dont use all the features that this thing has, and its more cumbersome then useful to me.

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    Hi,have Treo 180 Purchased In April In The Us. I Am Looking For An Upgrade. The Phone Is In Mint Conditio. What Say?
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    I am not looking for another Treo...sorry.

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