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    Hi gang. Getting all excited that everyone was getting their 10/6-10/8 orders (mine is 10/07, 23xx), I went to the site to check the order status in the obviously futile hope that it might actually say something like "shipped" or something.

    But NO, instead, it says "I'm sorry. We did not find your order. Please try again". Huh? I searched around a bunch of nearby numbers and they all got the same message.

    The question is this - is their database down, or *gasp*, does the fact that my Visor isn't in the Order Status Form page mean that it actually has shipped? Any thoughts?

    Ordered a BVD online 10/07
    Still waiting ... tick tock, tick tock
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    I just checked my order status and don't have any problems accessing it. There is no update, it still says "4-6 weeks."

    I ordered on 10/6, but I haven't gotten it yet.
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    The only orders I can't see in the 23xx range are 2302, 2323. 2338, 2354, 2379, 2394 and 2399. I'm guessing they're from orders that were started but never completed. If you can't find it, I'd contact Handspring customer service just to check.
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    Just checked my order (daily ritual)

    1 Visor Deluxe - Graphite

    4-6 weeks $249.00
    Sub-total: $0.00
    Shipping: $8.50
    Order Total: $8.50

    Think this should scare me?

    Are they having problems again?

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    I just checked my order again and I now see the same thing you're seeing - the order total is just the shipping: $13.00. It wasn't like this yesterday.

    I wonder if this is a good sign or a bad sign? Is this HS's way of indicating that the order has shipped?
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    I think it's a bug in their system. I ordered at the end of October, and it's showing a $0 subtotal, too. Although it would be nice to think that my order is already on its way!
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    Ah... this is interesting. I just checked my order status as well. I too have the $0 Sub-Total and an $11.50 shipping charge. This is even more interesting, because today I called to check my credit card and noticed it had a reserve for about $260 that I don't remember being yesterday. Handspring said they might hit the 4-6 week mark for the late Oct. web orders. So, (hopefully) the $0 sub-total is a website phenomena of moving to shipping? We hope at least. Time will tell!!!

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