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    I ordered a blue Deluxe on September 16. After my wife heard me run on for a month about how cool it was going to be, she asked me to order her a green Deluxe. I ordered hers about Oct. 20, with shipping to my office since we have a receptionist here to receive such valuable shipments. When I called Handspring a about a week and a half later, they had lost her order and had to re-enter it. I have since called Handspring's corporate office, emailed Donna, and generally made a nuisance of myself over the Sept. 16th order, which still hasn't arrived. What arrives today but A GREEN VISOR DELUXE ORDERED A MONTH AFTER MINE!!! I guess my beloved has all of the good karma in our relationship.
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    I made the mistake of ordering both of ours at the SAME time (sept 21). Laying relatively low hasn't helped...I'm still waiting for the visors and/or anything more useful than "its in shipping."

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