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    Looks like web orders are going out today-well maybe. My CC was charged for the EXACT and CORRECT amount on my invoice!!! Maybe I'll see it tomorrow!!
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    Me too. 10/6 order for BVD w/Serial Cradle. I was also charged for the custom case that, according to the new shipping info, hasn't started shipping either. I hope I will see it tomorrow.
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    Count me as well!
    Ordered 10/6 via web.

    Fresh wind?!
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    CC dinged today for correct amount! Ordered 10/6 (14xx) via web.
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    We may be on a roll here!
    My 10/7 web order (991007-27XX) was authorized on my Visa today for the correct amount. It wasn't there when I checked this morning at 8. It is now!
    Just a little bit longer . . .
    (Am I being too optimistic?)
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    I got charged last weekend, 5 days ago, and still haven't seen anything. I hope you get your visors though.
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    Wheee, I'm getting excited now! My CC was dinged today, also! Wasn't this morning at 9am, but was when I just checked... ::crosses fingers hoping for the best::

    Maybe we'll all have toys to play with over the weekend!!! Yippeeeeee!
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    Dammit! Not mine. Web 10/6 #991006-10XX

    Please tell me if everyone here that got their CC dinged called or emailed even once to check on their order.
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    Count me too!! Web order 10/6 Order#12xx . Available credit dropped by correct amount on Credit Card. Woo HOO!!!

    Power corrupts, absolute power is really kinda neat.
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    Yes! I have been billed!

    My only gripe is that they did not charge me for the Serial Cradle I added to the order a couple of weeks ago. Susan Y. even E-mailed me last night to let me know she was making the change. Oh, least the best part is on the way!

    Now I just have to wait for my Ice VDx (ordered 10/25 via phone) so I can pass off this one to a coworker!

    Geoff H.

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    Hmm. Mine hasn't been charged yet. My order is a BVDx, via Web 10/6, order #13xx. Hope it's just a slight lag....

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    Congrats... for the most of you, I would say, expect it 4-5 days after it was billed, mine was billed on saturday, and I received it on Wednesday.. Good luck!

    Mark Neumann

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    Here too! Two orders via web on 10/6 - card dinged at 11:18am yesterday, authorizations granted at 1:34pm.

    Ice VDx - order in high 1000s
    Case - order in high 1500s

    Yeee Haw!
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    Nothing on my card yet.. Order # is 991006-11xx
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    Nothing on my card yet.. Order # is 991006-11xx
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    Authorization yesterday, right on the 6-week anniversary of my 10/7 web order in the 2600's. Now the waiting REALLY begins...
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    Nothing here - order in the 15xx
    Donna emailed me yesterday afternoon to say they had started moving over the web orders from the first week. Obviously in true HS sytle they're not doing them in date / numerical order...!

    how did it all go so wrong?
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    No charge on my CC yet either. I ordered on Oct 7 and am in the 23??
    I guess that you're right - no sequence yet again.
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    No charge to my Visa check card yet. But I'm not too concerned yet, there's usually a small lag between the time something's charged and the time it shows up on my card. Hell, my trip to Wal Mart a few days back just showed up this morning.

    It seems like it was so long ago when I placed that web order. Sometimes I wonder if it was a dream or something that happened in a past life, but then I check my confirmation e-mail and I remember that it was real...

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    I called CS the day before my Visor arrived and they said that it had not even gone to shipping yet. My CC was charged a couple of days after I got the visor. So all in all they have no clue what is going on and if your CC has not been charged it does not necessarily mena that it has not shiped.
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