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  1. #21 I ordered, via Web, on 10/06 (1006-13##)...and blew my stack when I logged onto yest 11/18 to read the latest update the the cust svc/ shipping news...and find a offhand note that they havent even BLLEEPNG BEGUN to ship the web based orders from week of 10-4. Then today I get on here..and read that apparently no one is talking to "Donna" (or whoever is writing the message in her name...) because now it DOES seem that they are shipping...
    does it **** anyone else off that the company that is at the same tiem on the cutting edge of PDA and info technology cant get a order processing database to function , even after 6- 8 weeks..????????

    this ALMOST makes me sorry about the blisteringly pissed off message I sent via the custserv feedback about this latest bungle in the process..ALMOST sorry. Glad that they dont seem to be reading their email (or their orders!) too fast...

    why oh why would phone orders, which you would think/guess/hope/suppose they would have entered into the SAME??? database as those orders off the web...are being shipped?

    the prices for ACTUAL Palms keep dropping..and the shipping dates keep stretching...and HS keeps demonstrating that marketing and shipping and management are NOT on speaking terms................

    at this point..I wish I could check status of my credit card...and will give HS til day after thanskgiving ...and Visor>>> no order...and one potentially loyal member of the customer base will have gone over to the resistance!

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    Doesn't seem to be a charge to my card.

    Web - 10/7 - 27xx.


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    On the one hand, their web site says they haven't BEGUN shipping 10/4 week orders. OTOH, lots of people who ordered on 10/6 and 10/7 in particular--also 10/11 apparently--are getting products. What does that mean? Who knows?

    Ps..I ordered 10/9 and have yet to see a single person who ordered on that date get a unit. Is it a jinx date?
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    My Credit Card was dinged on Friday (11/19) so I got a little excited. CSR couldn't tell me anything except to confirm that my apartment number, which used to be correct, is now wrong. Now I call my Credit Card company again and I was dinged AGAIN! I went to their website and if I double my order, it comes out to within a few dollard of the amount missing from my credit card. I haven't actually been charged yet, just authorized. Now I have no idea how many of these things I'm gonna get!

    I have my apartment office on the lookout for UPS or FedEx...who knows how it'll get here!

    Rollin' rollin' rollin',
    Keep them Visors rollin',
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    Ordered online 10/7.
    CC was charged 11/18.
    My wife is on high alert at home!
    Will post as soon as it comes.
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    Their web site actually now says that they have been shipping orders from through Oct 7 beginning Nov 18, 19 and 20.
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    Well, my authorization is now an actual charge... charged 11/19 for the exact amount (including express shipping... ) Now we'll see when it actually gets here!
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    At the risk of asking a possibly stupid question, how exactly does one go about checking if one's card has been dinged?

    I gather that you check your available credit limit, but I take it you are not waiting for your credit statements to arrive in the mail.
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    Usually at the bottom of your statement there is a number to call to get up to the minute balance and account activity. Some cc's even have web account updates.
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    Got it yesterday.
    Wife roundly ignored last night while I played. Shipment was exactly as ordered and works beautifully! Well worth the wait, so, for those of you who are still waiting, hang in there. BTW, no extra stylii. Didn't expect any.
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