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    I'm looking for a new or near-new Treo 600 on T-Mobile that I can use with my existing SIM. I'd like to get a piece that still has the warranty, too.
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    How much are you looking to spend. I got mine in July.
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    I have one here sitting in the box. It was barely used for 2 weeks. It's missing the crappy slip case that they come with. What's it worth to you?
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    timmins & skillllz,

    Thanks for the response. I'm looking to spend between $275 to $300. The one I buy needs to be in superb condition with no problems and be under warranty.

    Lemme know if one of you wants to sell and give me some detail on your unit and why you're selling.

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    hey skilllllliz, why do you buy my slip case whats it worth to you.
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    Nah, thanks anyway. I hate those OEM slip cases. OEM horizontal holster is the only thing I'll ever use.
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    I have an brand new unlocked treo 600 gsm if interested email me at

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