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    Who said Visors were in short supply??? I'm "Livin La Visor Loca!"

    BTW, isn't it interesting how efficient and accurate they are in multiple (over)billing of customers for duplicate shipments. Kind of like those studies that show store scanner errors are usually in favor of the merchant and not the customer.

    Has anyone recieved a free Visor or was otherwise undercharged, or are all the errors in favor of Handspring?

    Well anyhow, I got the 9/14 Blue Dlx order I changed/cancelled - charged only $255. It was sent to me minus my Apt number which I tried to warn them about several times. The FedEx guy figured out where I lived since it arrived with a second graphite with the Apt number intact - charged $260. I had changed my order to Graphite instead of Blue.

    I also got a third box (minus the Apt number) which turned out to be another Blue Dlx - Charged $260.

    E-mail me if you want the pristine sealed Blue for $290. (a little higher to make sure you don't turn around and sell it on Ebay) Just add in your choice of shipping, then mix, send and receive!

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    Go check out the auctions at Ebay... They're bringing in more than $300 a piece!
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    I'd rather sell it to mistreated, put-off, put-down, lied to enthusiasts on VisorCentral than late-comers on EBay -- it's tough to tolerate all that guff if Donna D. isn't even your girlfriend!

    I got some RMA #'s from HS to be safe, but VDx's are going for around $320 on EBay though so it's tempting.

    BTW, Short hold times now, and the CSR said they would reimburse all shipping expenses if I returned either or both. But he also added...if no credit appears on your card, be sure to call us back! Hmmm. Sounds vaguely familiar

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