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    After waiting the full six weeks, down to the last few hours, I got a VDX yesterday.

    Too bad it's blue and I ordered Graphite.

    I'm thinking about returning it but dont relish the thought of dealing with the Handspring disorganization again. On the other hand, It will look pretty strange the next time I attend a division meeting at work and all the other seniors whip out their grey Palm Vs and I whip out the flaming blue. It might just as well be a GameBoy. All I need are some Pokemon stickers to put on the back.
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    Oh come on Don't be a conformist.

    Lose the red tie, white shirt blue suit EDS corp BS.

    So you have a Blue one, at least you got your's.

    Remember it inst easy being green....(aka Kermit the Frog)
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    At least out of all the colored ones, you got one of the colors more likely to "fit in" in a corporate environment (ice and blue). Imagine if they had sent you orange.
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    You'll stand out of the crowd, you'll be seen as a leader. Everyone will look up to you because not only do you have a superior product than their Palm Vs, but you prove that you have style.

    You'll wind up owning that place, and no one will bat an eye if you decide to slap Pokémon stickers all over that bad boy.

    Of course, you could always just blend into the background with all the other Palm owners and not ever get noticed. Just nod and smile alongside everyone else. If that's what you want, that's cool too.

    Of course, I'm only joking here and as always, don't take what I say to seriously! I know nothing about you and your job and I'm only poking fun. Pokéfun. Hmm. Whatever. Just wanted to say that, sorta like soaking my clothes in water to fend of the flames...

    Now if only mine would come...

    g a v i n
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    What's wrong with Orange???
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    IT is orange.
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    Hey, flaming_bok_choy, I'd be glad to have your Visor Deluxe Blue ... some people haven't even gotten theirs yet, so stop complaining.

    Oh yes, Ted M, what is wrong with orange? I agree with zorloc, It is orange (that says it all). They should have made it yellow.

    Signing off,

    C. Russell

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    It's orange because the Deluxe Visors are the same colors as Handspring's logo.

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