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    Good morning/afternoon/evening all,

    I got my VDx this past Monday (11/15), but got an extra one along with it (go figure!)...

    It is a Graphite VDx, with the leather bifold case (VERY nice). I ordered that particular csse because it was the cheapest one with a stylus holder -- allowed me to get the Palm V metal stylii (w/reset pin) for about $3 (for 3) at Staples.

    Anyone who's interested...make me an offer. (I would prefer to sell both the Visor and case, but we'll see).

    Pls send all bids to

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    Hey if it's still up for grabs, I'm in.

    Mine was ordered about 1 month ago, but still no word on shipping date

    How do you want to work out payment?

    I'll be able to spring for ordered price plus shipping to take it off your hands.
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    well..that makes a HELL of a lot more sense than trying to reenter the HandSpring customer service vortex to try and successfully return the extra one.

    seeing that some people have indeed actually received and touched their Visors makes me hopeful...having blown my top yesterday at the latest announcement on the "shipping News" page of the website...explaining that, as of the 11/18 update, they hadnt yet begun shipping any of the web based orders from the week of 10/04. Which now seems to be another FALSE statement (doesnt ANYONE there talk to each otehr?) now I am seeing messages posted that people have indeed received shipments, double shipments, and had credit cards billed as well.
    this ALMOST! ALMOST! makes me sorry for the blisteringly pissed email I sent to the customer service dept yesterday...guess it is to my advantage that they dont seem to actually read them...LOL
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    I too have an extra Visor Deluxe Graphite. After much ado about my broken first visor, I guess they wanted to make me very happy.

    Anyways, I'm in Orange County California, and if anybody would like to buy it, please make me an offer.
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    Does anyone know what type of warranty coverage one gets when buying from a 3rd party? (i.e the people selling in this thread, or the auctions). I think you need somore sort of receipt w/purchase date from handspring, so how does that work? can the buyer just use the receipt from the seller?
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    Ski: yuppers, it's still available (sorry to take so long). I would like to sell both the VDx and the case (otherwise I'd have to go through returning the case back to HS )

    Also, I think there's a serial cradle on the way (was backordered, but now my card's been charged). Interested?


    P.S. I don't know about the 3rd party seller/warranty thing...probably would be good to chk w/HS.

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    I'm still interested in your extra graphite VDx. If the serial cradle arrives by the time you get ready to send it off, I'd like that, too. I sent a message to your hotmail account with my offer. Thanks for considering it.
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    Thanks to all for your interest in the extra Visor! I have carefully considered all the offers and am now making sale/shipping arrangements with the buyer.

    BTW, I received the backordered serial cradle yesterday...does anyone need one (graphite)?

    Thanks again,

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