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    not too sure if this has been brought up before....

    is it a problem when the mailing addy is NOT the same as the billing addy, and how abt if the billing addy is outside U.S. and Canada?

    anyone in the same situation as me and got their visors fine?? (i ordered 13/10, not yet received, 6 weeks end on 24/11).
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    I used different billing & shipping addresses with no problem, But both addresses were in the US.

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    Some companies require your shipping address -- when different from your billing address -- be listed with your credit card company. Some don't bother checking into it. It's very dependent on the company you are purchasing product from.

    I know of a few people who ordered Visors, live outside the US, but are having them shipped to US locations. I can't say if this works out in all cases, though. Has your credit card been charged yet?
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    Hi there,
    A UK Billing address and a Dallas,USA shipping one worked fine for me.
    Ordered my Visor in the last week of Sept, recieved it in the 3rd week of October (it only took 2 days to get over here from Dallas).
    So far very very pleased with the visor in just about every respect (although I need to get some NiMh batteries)


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